Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Wicked Weekend...

as if any weekend in my life is less or more wicked then the next...
This is a small look into my Wicked Tea Party weekend...
We kept things low key and quiet...
I NOT me...
but I need it...
so this is my "low key" weekend...
*evil kackle*
Me and Lil'sis the night before the official dress up night... boobage?
This is Anna - middle sister...
poor thing was sick all weekend...
so we set her up for the picture as she slept.
(shush! at least we didn't draw onher....we so could have!)
Hotel room crafts!
Love it!
Have gun....will travel!
It's amazing the shit you can create with some glue sticks, a gun and some glitter!
(let me clarify...glue "gun")
see... *laughs* gimmi a kitchen staff apron, chess set
and some card board...
oh the glorious things you can make!

The perfect makin's of a hotel weekend Tea Party!

I'm mister heat miser
I'm Mr.Sun
I'm mister heat blister
I'm mister one hunderd and one!

Ryan doing the doo...
A small snack before the party....
...this is where the blood came from for my last post...

the blood ended up not being "hotel travel friendly"
so I had to alter the costume slightly and be boring and
"normal" - I loath "normal"!
...but it worked Iguess...

Roxy getting ready...

Roxy the White Queen
The sisters....
(boring) Queen of hearts
Alice and the Mad Hattress
Thanks Mom - everyone loved the dress!
You rock - as always!
I love having my own personal seamstress!
Definitely a fun weekend!
After the Wicked Festival we went to NY to see Chicago
on Broadway....whatta weekend!
I highly recommend a long weekend in a hotel with lotsa liquer,
a glue gun and fantastic friends and family!
Good for the soul!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


**Bloody kisses!**
Hey there beautiful peeps!
I am sorry I have been so removed from my bloggy world as of late.
So much going on in life...
Got a new computer and trying to get all my pictures downloaded
so I can share what Sheldon and I have been up to.
Sheldon sends his love - he misses you all!