Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidaze!

Well hello there my beautiful bloggy darlings!
How was your Yulemas?
Mine was pretty rocking!
Chilled with the fam and friends...
Drove to New Jersey - took me 3 hours to get there...
9 hours to get home!
I was NOT a happy camper!
Good thing I stopped and got hoagies for the boys!
(For those not from the Philly area - they are the most delicious "grinders" with hoagie juice - olive oil, oregano & just simple deliciousness!)
I ate one before I had to start looking under the seat for small morsles
of nuts or furry forgotton candy...something to keep me awake LOL
My babe's issues turned out OK. The entire homophobe thing was squashed....
I mean really dude - WTF were you thinking???
OK, maybe I still have issue with the situation...I am working on that!
Another issue was brought to the surface...
Some folks can joke around - but are bad when it comes back at 'em...
oh well... You live. You learn. Right?
But he is happy again... this makes me happy!
Thank you for listening to me gripe before the holiday!
You guys rock!
Can you believe it? 2010 already?!?
I am still waiting for nanobots, flying cars, silver lame suits - oh wait...the queens have that covered - right Ry?
WTF did the year go? In fact - where did the last 10 years go?!
Here's to you... my dear, dear friends...
May your life be filled with peace, love and light this coming year!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


*grumble, grumble, grumble!*
Have you ever just had a week where people just seriously, and I mean seriously,
disappoint you? Not just one person... but several.
It sucks that it has to be around the holidays!
I freaking love the holidays! ...even my love for holiday music isn't working!
I try to always be upbeat...think the best of people...I am definitely a people person!
This week I just want to be as far away from people as possible! That is just NOT me!
There have been aligations tossed around about people that I love that could not be further from the truth and it has been bothering me for days. Things are "under investigation" and of course I am not allowed to speak my mind. That alone kills me! I have been working out and trying to sweat away these awful feelings...but I can't seem to shake the worry and "ick" feeling! Even shopping just makes me want to lash out at the stupid people! That is way, way, WAY not like me! I freaking love shopping! It makes me sad - which sucks since I am a happy person in general! I tried dancing... I tried farming (my mouse farmville click hand aches - some of you know what I mean) I have tried art, writing in my journal, I have cooked, meditated...
I need to break out of this mood!
Maybe a trip to Jersey to hang with some old friends for the holiday martinis will shake it!
Maybe I need an emergency Forest Folk peep hug!
Maybe I need a puppy?! LOL... I need something!
What do you do to shake shitty moods?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tomorrow's journey

Tomorrow I start on "another" new journey for a healthier, happier life.
Sadly, I have been down this road so many times before...
The first time I lost 70 pounds...gained back 80.
Second time I lost 60 pounds...
someone showed me attention, I got lazy...
gained back 100.
blah - blah- blah, blah blah!
SO many times I forget the gorey details...
Today I am 270 pounds and disgusted with myself!
Don't get me wrong - I love myself...just a bit disgusted... :p
Yesterday I went to sign up for a new trainer who will beat me into shape.
Sad thing is - I already know what he will tell me...
I need to control my portion size and eating habits...
I need to excercise more...
I need to drink less empty calories...
I absolutely have no (and I mean NO with a capital "N") Willpower!
...or so it seemed....
Tomorrow things are going to change.
I will ignore my demons... most of the time.
(baby steps - right? LOL)
I will live healthier.
I will be even happier - if that is possible!
I can do this!
So mote it be!

Friday, December 4, 2009

I squish you!

I was such a Kids in the Hall fan...
I loved that skit where they would hold their thumbs up and say...
"Nobody's home!"
or as I am doing to my sweetheart here..
"I squish you!"
I am guessing he is not amused that I was interupting
his Tiger Woods golf game for yet another blog post picture.
...or maybe he is just saying Honey, you are #1?!
Ha! I bet it's because I have been listening to holiday music since Thanksgiving!
What I was really taking a picture of is my burn...
You can kind of see it. It's a huge white bubble now on a
very important typing finger!
(yes folks, I am a 2 finger hunt and pecker!)
To top it all off I did it making a grilled cheese sandwich!
See, cooking is dangerous!
I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night!
It's suppose to snow tomorrow night....
I love, love LOVE snow!!!!