Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Relay For Life 2009

I know, I know...this happened weeks ago....

but you know how sometimes life just happens so fast...

I want to quickly thank those who helped and donated!

You guys freaking rock year after year...


I mean this from the very bottom of my heart...

I wouldn't even know where to start to tell you how fabulous you are!

so here is the Franklin County Relay for Life

From Divaeva's perspective...

Sisters in crime...

Baby Sheldon and his Relay for Life Anniversary bear

The reason we do what we do...This is the survivor lap...

brings tears each and every year for the past 11 years!

Marybeth joining me in the suriviors lap...

notice the fantastic weather this year?

We totally lucked out - it was fantastic!!!

My wonderful basket team.

Every year they threaten me and say this is the last year -

yet every year I sign us all back up and they work their asses off.

I effin'love these guys with all my heart!

Ryan, Rosa and Marybeth - THANK YOU!

Mom and Art's luminaria

We used sparkley glitter so we could find them this year!

Imagin how hard it is to find 5 luminaria when there are 5,000!

My dad and Charlie's.

Growing up we called him Uncle Chah'lie...

so we honored him as such.

We miss you Daddy and Uncle Chah'lie!

The Firda family...

Mom was just about to head to Texas for more testing.

She has been fighting thyroid cancer (hurtel cell) -

some weird, funky, f'up rare form that has a 90% chance to come back...

so we lit a special candle - said a special prayer (or 2, or 3...or 4)...

and she just let me know that all the tests came back


That's right baby - NEGATIVE!

*happy dance*

Love you mom!

Middle of the fairgrounds...

breathtaking isn't it?

The bleachers...

This is what got me hooked...

To see the luminaria lighting up the fairgrounds throughout the night...


As long as I am able - I will be there to help and do what I can.

to the left....

and to the right....

Simply amazing!

...and early Saturday morning the milk lady comes...

It's hard for me to sleep with all the emotions...

so the second the sun is up

I am ready - bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting....

I "heart" fresh, yummy milk!

The others, on the other hand...

could sleep through a hurricane - even in a tent!

They do work their asses off - the least I could do is let them sleep!

Each year my fabulous peeps and I run the

Baby Barnyard Basket Bonanza

that Ryan and I startted when we co-chaired the Relay 5 years ago.

This year we had 53 baskets

I would post pictures but I would be here until next June!

The Basket Bonanza raised $5,324.44!!!
The Relay total was at $280,000 at last total on Saturday at 3pm...

They are collecting monies until August 11th

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh for "F" sake!

Ok...we will get to the aggrivating part to my relaxing Sunday afternoon
and why drunk people should f'with their blogs...
But I told my mom that I didn't feel like doing anything productive
and mom told me to relax with a beverage....
so one must do what mom tell them to do, right?!?
4, maybe 5, beverages later....
Although I played with my art journal some, planted poppies,
listened to Christopher's class and did some asteral traveling,
dipped into the spirits...I wanted to Share Sheldon's
Ogunquit visit with you...
(says... "poppies" in her wicked witch voice)
Ok, maybe that is an inside Wizard of OZ reference only Ry and I share...
Sheldon with mommy in the pool...
Of course the sun shined bright on the day we were to drive back to CT!?
Sheldon listening to some Powerman 5000!
(note: he has no ears to hold the ear buds so it's not skeleton child abuse!)

Daddy with baby Sheldon by the pool...
Notice the similarity in the white color?
This was before Daddy combusted into flames!
I am sad that the parents of the other children at the pool stared!
Skeleton babies like the sun and pools too!

Mommy, daddy, Uncle RyRy and Aunti Baba went to the club without me!
I settled into bed and checked out Harper's Island...

Lovin' the hotel room while they left me home alone...

...too much rain!
and can you believe daddy made mommy leave me in the car
when they went for lobster dinner?
Daddy is mean sometimes!
moment of non-rain in Maine....
what an amazingly beautiful shoreline!
This is what Uncle RyRy and Auntie Baba did to me while in the back seat!
This is not a goos use for Dunkin' Donut napkins!
They do not know how to play nicely!

Ok folks...here is mommies frustration today...
She would love if you went and checked out these kick butt babies like me!

*laughs* ok...I have been trying to add this kick butt button to my blog...but I think my "Day off to myself" beverages may be inparing my bloggy eliteness (LOL...as if!?!) So....go check her super seriously cool dolls here...
Maybe a super cool playmate for Sheldon in the future?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

How I define my life....

Ok, not really - but they are rather fun - and sometimes eerily right on the money!
So today I found out my best trait is my JOYFULNESS.
I would like to think so...I do try to be ever joyful!

Eva completed the quiz "What is your Best Trait?" with the result Joyfulness.
You light up a room with your smile and laughter, and people gravitate to you because of your joyfulness. You love life and get excited about all it has to offer. You love to cheer people up and give them encouragement when they are down. Your bubbly personality and genuine smile brighten up peoples' day. Your positive attitude helps lighten up those who take life too seriously. You know how to have fun, let loose, be spontaneous. Be it life's greatest experiences or just the small simple details of life, you soak it all up and it inspires everyone around you..

An then I took this one...
Definitely an era I adore! Definitely how I would love to play dress up!
I mean who doesn't love brocade and Plumes?!
Eva took the What Era Should You Time Travel To? quiz and the result is Italian Renaissance
You like your freedom. You are creative and full of energy with a special love of opulent things, especially exotic treasures. You love a little spice in your life as well as a bit of mystery! The Masquerade in Venice, the rich culture of Rome, and the secrets inside the Vatican will bring a smile to your lips. Wine, women, and songs abound: It's an endless feast of fun! Noble lords be sure to tuck a few plumes in your cap and ladies don't forget to wear brocade! You'll want to look fashionable when you visit Renaissance Italy!
I also haven't forgotten that I owe you pictures from the Relay and Maine...
Had to get my Mamarazzi Red, White and Blue Swap package prepared and ready to send...
I always go waaaaay over board - but they are so effin' fun!
The boys think I am crazy with these swaps...
but I truely love them!
I hope this swap partner likes her package!
I always wait in anticipation to see if she does - that's the best part!
Tomorrow I have the day to myself...maybe I will take the time to post some pictures!
Love and hugs to you all!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow - what a week!

Hey bloggy buds! I have sooo much to post... Relay for Life... trip to Ogunquit, Maine... Summer Solstice... it was a crazy busy vacation week (well, partial vacation - I worked Thursday and Friday) and I will certainly post pics and stuffs as soon as I can.
My sister just left this afternoon. After she headed out Shaney and I went golfing. So it was raining (spitting actually) ...and the ground was soaked through and mushy from the past 8 days of rain ...and I don't actually golf and never have ...but I went as moral support since Shaney's regular golfing buddy backed out (basically I went to drive the golf cart). It was somewhat of a tribute to my dad on this fine Daddy's Day. Dad loved to golf and I had always wanted to go and hang out with him and learn to golf. When he got sick - he would promise me on the phone that he was perfect and feeling fine and the next time I was in Jersey we would go and he would show me the ropes (or is it clubs? birdies? *laughs* whatever!). Needless to say, dad passed before we ever got a chance to go! I remember all those funky plaid golfing shorts he use to wear -I sure do miss those shorts and I sure do miss you daddy!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!
I love & miss you so much!
Now to go and write in my journal... stealing Rose and Annie's idea... will write a letter to my daddy about dog legs, boggies, pars, greens, utters, irons, and all the other golf lingo and stuff I learned today! (*laughs* not quite sure what a dog's leg has to do with golf...but now I can use it in a sentance!) Merry Summer my friends!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Herb Festival

Ok, ok - better late then never I suppose ...
I have had such a busy week and I was coming down with a cold of some sort
(which I managed to fend off with Mucinex & Zycam - love that stuff!)
Here I am at the Herb Festival last weekend,
in full cleavage glory *laughs*
gardening hat and all!
What a beautiful, fabulous, marvalous, magnificent
sunny wonderful day it was!
Truely perfect!
And here we have Rosa and myself...
With lots more cleavage (seems to be a theme here)!
This is a tiny little baby bird that fell from his nest.
I wanted to bring him home since he was there all day,
even when we left at the end of the day.
It looked like his mommy and daddy had deserted him...
...but of course Ryan wouldn't let me!!!
Ryan is mean!
Ok, better get my shit together for RELAY.
There is still time to donate...
I have about $310 raised so far thanks to my fabulous friends and family!
Every cent gets us a little closer to a cure!
Catch you when we get back from the Relay for Life...
(hmmm..or maybe when we get back from Maine!)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Check out The Apron Goddess!

You know me and my free giveaway entries...
Here's another blog -The Apron Goddess
she is awesome
go and check out her thoughts on the cupcake she is holding - I LOVE it!


Friday, June 5, 2009

I am hooked!

Sweet! Another Swap! I effin'love these things! *laughs*
(I say that with a lot of passion - right?! I am sooo hooked!)
Seriously - if you want to play along -
run over to Mamarazzi's page and sign up.

Lots of rules, but it's easy peasy!
(*laughs* those who know me know my aversion to "rules")

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tag - I'm "it"!

I have been officially tagged - by a new bloggy buddy http://www.triciamcwhorter.com/ which is way cool that she likes me *laughs* she really likes me! Or my blog anyways!

Thanks Tricia! :) *hug*

Here are the rules of Tag: So many rules... *laughs* I hope I get them all correct - I would hate to never be "it" again! :p

  • List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy.
  • Mention and link to the person who tagged you.
  • Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

These Are Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy (but honestly, if they make me happy, then how could they really be unimportant?)

  1. The first thing is when I actually remember to take a valuable coupon that I took the time to clip, save and acknowledge to the store before the expiration date. Especially those damn Lane Bryant "real woman dollars" - it seems I always purchase shit after the expiration date! ...and I do mean shit - I could go a month and not do laundry with the amount of clothing I own!
  2. Stickers, confetti & glitter. For instance, I was in a party store yesterday and found the coolest DIVA confetti that also has martini glasses, shakers, wine glasses and bottles. Can you imagin - I am 45 and I seriously get excited about confetti! It made my day!!!
  3. Suprise packages in the mail... I mean who doesn't love suprises? I love opening my mailbox and seeing the key to the larger box underneath... Not just packages, but cards - I totally love, love, love getting snail mail cards. I love sending them, I love reading them, I just love them. Not as much as confetti - but almost! *laughs*
  4. Suns! I collect suns and I love finding a new sun in a dollar store, Christmas tree shop that's a bargan. I have sun candles, sun mirrors, sun pictures, sun jewelry... I even love having to reach over in the morning to close the curtains when he trys to peek through and wake me up. Although I am not a sun worshipping freak like I use to be (like baking in it for hours and hours while coating in baby oil and banana boat - I suppose I am wiser now - LOL) I do enjoy hangin' by a lake or ocean with my sunscreen and hat!
  5. Sunglasses and readers! I am obsessed - I must have several pairs at all times! Several fashionable pairs. One can never have too many - right? Funny thing about owning so many pairs - I still manage to occassionaly need a friend to read a menu to me because I failed to grab a pair before leaving the house - go figure!
  6. Greeting and note cards again - I know I mentioned them... but I think they need to be mentioned again. Everytime I see a cute little "off the wall" card shop I have to go in. I must read every single card on the rack or I feel like I am missing something. Of course I must purchase each card that reminds me of a friend or family member - in which I run right home and place securely and safely away so I can save it for just the right occasion! (you know - so it doesn't get misplaced!) Then, when that perfect occasion arrives... I run out and buy another perfect card because I can't find where I placed is so I wouldn't lose it! I know you know what I mean *laughs* it's a vicious cycle!

Whew! Almost done.... now to pick 6 of you... I am going to need a vaction after this - maybe a trip to Lane Bryant, I need a new tank to match my cute skirt for the herb fest this weekend *laughs* I HAVE A COUPON! :)

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  2. http://silvermoonwitch.blogspot.com/2009/06/eight-meme.html Confessions of a Pegan Soccor Mom!
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  6. http://anniekelleher.blogspot.com/2009/06/confirmation-from-obama.html Annie!

Monday, June 1, 2009

If you got it...gimmi some lovin'

Hi Bloggy friends...
For me to sit here and tell you all the reasons I do this,
and have been for the past 13 years,
would take far too much time.
So I will just give you the basics...
I myself have had 2 "issues" with breast cancer.
Thankfully it was caught early enough and I have 2 healthy,
yet lumpy and kinda Frankinstienish, boobies today.
Which kinda works in my favor cause I can flaunt them for extra donations if needed
*wink wink*
Sadly, several of my friends and family have not been so lucky.
I lost my father, uncle, grandmother, grandfather
& a few best friends to this f'ed up disease.
My mother is currently battling a unique form of thyroid cancer.
It breaks my heart to see the people I love
go through what cancer puts folks through.
So I am asking each of you to help me raise some cash
for a worth wild cause,
one that is indeed close to my heart for so many reasons...
You will also be getting updates on the committee my friends and I run at the Relay...
Huge shout out and thank you to Ryan, Rosa and Marybeth
who I sucker into this committee year after year!
We run what we call the Baby Barnyard Basket Bonanza
Ok, it's basically a huge basket raffle in the baby barnyard at the
Franklin County Fairgrounds the weekend of Relay
- but we are not allowed to call it a "raffle" -
so we jazzed up the name - made is divaliscious like us!
Thank you so very much in advance for your donation!