Friday, November 28, 2008

Say *gobble, gobble!*

Our lovely Thanksgiving Evening Host - Mr. Marty the Moose and his friend Bart the Boar
(ok, I named him Bart...his name could be Barry, or Bill...or Sam....*shrugs*)
My darling Ryan and Bart the Boar - as happy as always about having his picture taken!

Me working my hangover hair-doo and my honey bunch (*laughs* he looks frightened!)
Note to self: NEVER say "gobble, gobble" for a Thanksgiving Day picture (thanks Ryan!)!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

I shared today with my very best friends. We opted to go to the Bugaboo Steak House instead of cooking - being in the retail business and having to be at work at 6am tomorrow kind of puts a damper on wanting to cook a huge meal and clean up afterwards....I have pictures of us and Marty the moose - but my phone is being finicky about sending them to my email.
Sending love to my mother in California - sisters in New Jersey and the boys spoke to their families - life is good!
Can't ask for much more then what we have - we are truely blessed!
May the joy of gratitude be in your heart...HappyThanksgiving!
*gobble, gobble*

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Epic Dollar Tree Battle

I was inpsired to post this picture by VeryMary - who also enjoys dressing up and taking pictures while shopping. It is indeed a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. If you have never done it - I HIGHLY recommend you do! This was when Ryan and I had an epic battle at the dollar store. I also recommend pillow fights and pushing all the buttons on toys that play music or sing. We have also been known to set all the alarms on alarm clock or timer displays for 5 minutes and then watch from a that is a good time!!!
(...I am really surprised we don't get kicked out of so many places of businesses!)
Happy Sunday folks! *hugs*

Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 minutes of fame...*sighs*

Well the TV spot is over - I prepard my little tushy off and was super prepared for another TV appearence - spoke to all the staff about all my products and how it much money you could save shopping at my store - everyone was excited (even me) Then they put the micorphone on me and turned on the camera lights and I went blank! Barely remembered my name! I hate these things! I can't understand why I just freeze up like that - no problem talking to people and being the center of attention - but the second I "have" to do it I am a mess! Couldn't take pictures either - they were filming other segments while I was setting up.
I almost lucked out - all my energy that I thought was wasted on stressing knocked the power out at the station (how bizaar is that - ok, I am saying it was my energy!) NBC had to switch over and broadcast CNBC from 11 to 12 - when my spot was to air! (and then CNBC lost energy for a few moments - everyone at the staion was freaking out...) I thought I lucked out and wouldn't have to do it *laughs* no such luck - they taped my spot to air at 5:00 when even more people could watch me make an ass of myself! I really need to be more specific when I am sending out energies I guess!
Anyway - I wasn't able to get pictures to share - but my table looked great and people at the station loved my lunch spread - feeding people always makes you a hit no matter how much of an ass you are on TV ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A silly Diva Stresses...

Hey hey - hope those of you who read this are keeping warm - Mare, I heard it snowed down your way a little *lil'jealous* I want snow! I love, love, LOVE snow! I crave snow! I wish for snow every wintery second! Ry, on the other hand -curses every single little flake - poor flakes!
Now for the tale of a Diva's stress...
Those of you who know me, know that I may tip a few back from time to time and I become Miss Congeniality (ok, maybe that's just in my mind - but that's not my point...) I crave, adore, love (whatever) to be the center of attention - usually! But this TV spot tomorrow has me so freaked out that I am making myself crazier then my norm - just ask the boys! I gained a little weight and I hate my appearence and I know (or at least it will be in the back of my mind every second) that I will look beastly (but beautiful) on tv! So, with that said - I am making myself crazy preparing for this 5 minute TV spot. I know I am wasting my precious energy worrying about stupid sh!t - but I can't help it - I need theraphy! *laughs* enough of that is what else stresses me out *see picture above* Does that not look like pure poop? I would be emabarrassed to have that table presented to my guests...oh, btw - my TV spot is about entertaining a party of 20 for under $100...which we (My Ry and I) could do with our eyes closed - however - I have limits set on me by my corporate offices and what I am to present is what is in the picture above....everything in that picture can be purchased at my company (sadly yes, I am a corporate biatch) My table would have fresh pine swags, a tasteful table cloth, beautiful candles - not the tacky crap pictured (ok, we do like the serving dish set) Alright - enough of my stressing - I needed to vent - I have done to look for a "thinning" color to wear, cook and prepack my "delicious" orderves (LOL - or however you spell f'ing fancy frozen appetizers!) to transport to the microwave at the station in New Haven, pack the serving dishes and fabulous candle centerpiece so they won't get busted during the ride in my eclipse (which still has her $2,500 bumper boo boo - another stressful pain in my ass...) I will try to get my Shaney to take pictures so y'all can see what I settled with...*shudders at the thought*
...until then *great big warm bear hugs* and try and keep warm!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful Gram - A true Diva indeed!

This, my friends, is my most beautiful Gram, Hazel Farell Shockley. She was the grandmother that told me the stories of her father and so many more... One including a family bible which told a story of a cousin (my mother's 64th cousin to be exact) who's name was Margaret Scott. Scott was my Great Grandfathers name before he was adopted by the Farrell family. My Great Grandfather sold this family bible for some extra I actually have no real proof - so I will never really know... But Gram had never been to Salem before she passed - so where did she get this fantastic story? Those of you who visit Salem, MA may recall this name....

To be honest...growing up Catholic it was a fun story to tell around Halloween (mom loved Halloween - I always had the most awesome costumes!) and it was even more fun since people said I had "evil looking eyes" and looked "witchy" - ok we were usually seriously stoned/trashed beyond recognition (excuse #632: it's what we did in the 80's!).... - and then I met my best friend - he truely saved my life in so very many ways (I know you will never admit it Ry!) and then I found a new path... which seriously made it even weirder of a story to tell to those old friends - even if I know the true story behind the Salem Witch Trials. This picture is of my mom ( I mean my Mom's hands) in Salem - we always leave a little something...
...and this picture is of Gram's baby shoes. How cool are they?! Being one who loves "other peoples children" (if you know what I mean...) I can't imagine putting a child's shoes and having to use a hook to button them! Where did folks find the patience back then? *laughs*
Anyways...just some thoughts I thought I would share....had a seriously crappy day - found out I have to be on tv on Friday and I am sooo uncomfortable with my appearance it just stresses me out - *shakes yet another dirty martini* hmmm - maybe I got that from Great Grandpa! :p (Gram's stories tell of him being a drinker)
Have a good night folks...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crafts from the past

Growing up, my grandmother had this old secretaries desk where she kept momentos on display in the top cabinet. As a child I remember being so amazed at these things my grandmother cherished. One of my favorite things from that cabinet was this very cool hand carved wooden chain. It had two balls encased within a cage centered in the middle of the chain. It was carved by my great grandfather (Gram's daddy) from a single tree branch. How cool is that?! How did Great Pop Pop get those balls incased in the cage? I remember listening to Gram's stories of her father while we played with the old wooden chain - what grand stories they were! Gram was a fantastic story teller...I miss those stories! *smiles and remembers*

Oh - and to Ryan's dismay... I was blessed by the scratchy lottery ticket gods yet again! Thank you universe! <3>

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hooray! Anna and Patti (middle sis and baby sis's best bud)managed to pull off a surprise party for Marybeth (my baby sis)! I spent the entire week setting up the fact that I had to work - I forgot to mail her card - etc etc...and jumped in my car and drove the 4 1/2 hours to South Jersey for the big "surprise!" It worked - she had a great time - everyone who usually fails to show at parties made it and it was simply splendid!
Happy birthday baby sis! to catch up from my mini vacation....

Friday, November 7, 2008

I can... Can you?

A long long time ago there was a Diva. She learned a specific talent that helped her quite often acquire a beverage (or two) while out exploring the realms of her singlehood.
That talent still comes in handy every now and then and never fails to impress...
...I have a truely talented tongue!
*laughs* What special talents do you possess?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So it begins...

First page of my new art journal... The boys were concerned when I sat at the couch nonchalantly cutting out little letters for what they thought was the start of a ransom note...
...silly boys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OH NO! Not my personal great pumpkin carriage!

What a way to start a day...minding my own business - turned on my little blinker and waited for traffic before I turned into the Chamber of Commerce and "BANG!" Some lady smashed into the back of Samahin - my personal great pumpkin carriage! (Yes - I named my sunset orange Eclipse that I got 2 years ago on Samhain) Ok - I know you are saying it's just a car...but she is my baby! Luckly - no one was hurt - just a little sore from the jolt - tomorrow maybe a little bit more...but Marjorie (my new smashing into your neighbor friend) and I are just dandy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

After a busy weekend...

Ack - I knew I would fail to keep up my very own blog - too busy reading about other peoples crazy lives! Samhain was a blast - we didn't quite get everything accomplished that we planned - I did make carmel apples though and boy oh boy are they YUMMY! We did play with the kiddies who came to the door...but we never carved the pumpkins - which is cool in my book - they will last until Turkey Day! The meade will have to wait until another day as well - maybe sometime this week! The costume party was a blast on Saturday night - I didn't get any pictures *cries* - but a friend promised to email a few she took of my baby and I dressed as a vampiress and her feeder guy *crosses fingers she remembers* oh hell - I will bug her until she sends them :p Shaney looked sexy as my feeder biatch - if I must say so myself! I do have pictures of the apples and ancestor alter - I will post very soon... so until then *hugs*