Monday, November 3, 2008

After a busy weekend...

Ack - I knew I would fail to keep up my very own blog - too busy reading about other peoples crazy lives! Samhain was a blast - we didn't quite get everything accomplished that we planned - I did make carmel apples though and boy oh boy are they YUMMY! We did play with the kiddies who came to the door...but we never carved the pumpkins - which is cool in my book - they will last until Turkey Day! The meade will have to wait until another day as well - maybe sometime this week! The costume party was a blast on Saturday night - I didn't get any pictures *cries* - but a friend promised to email a few she took of my baby and I dressed as a vampiress and her feeder guy *crosses fingers she remembers* oh hell - I will bug her until she sends them :p Shaney looked sexy as my feeder biatch - if I must say so myself! I do have pictures of the apples and ancestor alter - I will post very soon... so until then *hugs*

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