Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crafts from the past

Growing up, my grandmother had this old secretaries desk where she kept momentos on display in the top cabinet. As a child I remember being so amazed at these things my grandmother cherished. One of my favorite things from that cabinet was this very cool hand carved wooden chain. It had two balls encased within a cage centered in the middle of the chain. It was carved by my great grandfather (Gram's daddy) from a single tree branch. How cool is that?! How did Great Pop Pop get those balls incased in the cage? I remember listening to Gram's stories of her father while we played with the old wooden chain - what grand stories they were! Gram was a fantastic story teller...I miss those stories! *smiles and remembers*

Oh - and to Ryan's dismay... I was blessed by the scratchy lottery ticket gods yet again! Thank you universe! <3>

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Walk in the Woods said...

I *love* the chain! What a wonderful talent your great grandfather was! And your story is so sweet too.