Friday, May 29, 2009

It's here! It's here!

A few weeks ago I enter entered
(thankfully made the deadline by the skin of my teeth - Thanks again Mama!)
into another one of Mamarazzi's seriously cool Favorite Things Swap.
I mean what could possibly be better then gathering a few of your most favorite things and sharing them with someone?
To make it even get a suprise package too with all of their favorite things and you make a new friend! Win! Win! Right?
It's like Christmas in May!!!
My swap partner was Krissy - run now and check her out here -
she too is FABULOUS!
Look how perfectly wrapped everything was in beautiful butterfly paper...
*laughs* I just rolled the things I sent Krissy in tissue paper and tossed it in a box!
Poppies! I heart poppies! One of my most favorite flowers! We mustn't forget the Forget-me-not seeds! Fantastic! Since my new favorite hobby is tending to my little garden out back on my little patio!
Very cool pencils and an adorable little journal with Mary Englebreit artwork (perfect for tracking my miles in the car everyday for work) One of her favorite books - ideal for sitting out in the sun and reading while I enjoy my growing garden...
Her favorite fruit chews *yum!*
Beautiful post cards from the California Wine Country...
(which one of these days I am definitely hitting when I visit mom in Escondido *road trip!*)
Glow sticks! I heart glow sticks! They are like glitter for the night!
These will come in handy camping at Forest Folk in August!
And here we have Skittles modeling the awesome ornament and incense...
he is not sure what to make of it...

check out the cool incense burner - the incense smells fantastic btw!
We love incencse in this house and burn it all the time!

Skittle loves his new toy...

he is not sure whether to try and eat it..or mate with it!
(I will let you all know how things work out - LOL)

Thank you Krissy, thank you!


Thank you HolleeAnn for another fantastic swap!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sidewalk chalk rocks!

Gotta love the magic of spring sunshine and sidewalk chalk!
loaded these pics grooving to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl...
Could life be any freaking sweeter?

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Bloody Valentine...

...what a warped movie that was...
But I do love anything warped!
(I am a blood and gutts kinda horror movie gal at heart)
It was a fun Saturday evening at home with my Shaney.
Look how hot he looks in his 15 cent 3D glasses!
On the rainy Saturday we had movie theater day -
Terminator & Angels and Demons
(No glasses and not nearly as cozy - but fun nevertheless!)

My little garden...

My very first tomato...and his little brother...
Some rosemary, & someday some peppers and another tomato plant....

I am loving watching these things grow!
I will hopefully have some habanero peppers too!
Usually Ryan does all the planting - this year I decided to take on the task
(Ok, he is helping when needed)
and here we have some lemon balm...
and bee balm we added to the garden - hoping they don't pull it out on us....

and our assorted herbs...
cilantro, pineapple sage, basil, chocolate mint and lavendar
So far so good...things are alive and well!!!
A special shout out and thank you
to our troops, past and present!
Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 18, 2009

Chillin'on a Monday

The Empress The Empress is in tune with Nature and symbolizes the ability to connect with the planet. Nurturing and caring, she is often thought to represent birth itself. Not necessarily the birth of a child, but perhaps the birth of a new project or business venture. Although she appreciates the simple things in life, she is not afraid to let loose and enjoy abundance.
What a fantastic card to pull after a fantastic weekend of friends, family, love, meditation, nature and beauty
...and so very much more!
So hard to put such a great weekend into words!
Even with the rain and chilly weather for most of the weekend, we had such a fantastic time!
I love my Forest Folk Family and I can't wait until August!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Why am I effin'around on the internet....

*laughs* I guess the answer to that is I am a freaking glutton for punishment! I just got back from NY - worked the weekend - but it was easy work - easy meaning it was not my store grand opening and I was just helping out - so no pressure ;) I just get to tell people what to do - no goals, no consenquences for not making goals - just sneaking under the radar and making sure issues were solved asap.... my kind of working weekend! But now I have SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE Forest Folk - Beth gets her tomorrow - so I suppose I should clean/straighten up (f'that - she's family...) pack, plan, buy, prepare foods (hell, may just hit the liquer store...and visit Jaji's tent when I have the need for food to mix with my alcohol)... so like I said....SO much to do.... (looks out at her tomato plants that need to be planted...) *sigh* maybe I should just hit the liquer store tonight! ;)
OMG - I have to tell you about Friday night... went to the hotel bar to enjoy a beverage and a bite to eat...pathetic and alone (oh- woe is me...)...not for long.... (Always sleep better in hotels after a beverage since I am a light sleeper) and there were other "work peeps" so 1 dirty martini became 4 martinis and 2 red headed step childs (even I can't tell you - a shot of some was red *shrugs*) and then I go back to my room... The bed is a sleep number bed... Imagin a drunk person - alone - no internet in her room to drunk facedbook - texting on my phone was messed up so no drunk texting.... just a sleep number remote control.... I was up until 3 am playing with this remote - woke up with it stuck to my cheek! LOL - seriously! so I think...I think my sleep number is 45/80 - but with the king sized bed....I had to keep switching it and checking one side against the other... so I still have no idea and I was there for 4 nights! LOL
You would think on my sober nights I could figure it out.... *shakes her head* oh no....not this crazy chicky! So anyhooo - back to my simple and easy to use bed! ahhhhhhhh!
I love my crazy life! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty amongst the mess...


That's right - amongst the mess we call our coffee table

(aka random crap collector table)

are my fading beautiful Beltane flowers Ryan & Shane brought home.

Ry placed them ever so beautifully in a tea pot I made years ago.

I love sunflowers -a gift from Ryan.

I love roses -a gift from Shane.

I love my boys - a gift from the Goddess herself!

Told you I am the luckiest girl I know!

Happy Belated Beltane!

Hope you are all ready to head to Forest Folk...

It's just days away!!!
check it out