Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty amongst the mess...


That's right - amongst the mess we call our coffee table

(aka random crap collector table)

are my fading beautiful Beltane flowers Ryan & Shane brought home.

Ry placed them ever so beautifully in a tea pot I made years ago.

I love sunflowers -a gift from Ryan.

I love roses -a gift from Shane.

I love my boys - a gift from the Goddess herself!

Told you I am the luckiest girl I know!

Happy Belated Beltane!

Hope you are all ready to head to Forest Folk...

It's just days away!!!
check it out


Walk in the Woods said...

Happy (belated) Beltaine to you too! The flowers are lovely and would love to get a closer look at that teapot!

mrsb said...

Beautiful flowers! I LOVE sunflowers!

You are, indeed, a lucky girl!!

Laura Rose said...

And to you, too! :)