Friday, May 29, 2009

It's here! It's here!

A few weeks ago I enter entered
(thankfully made the deadline by the skin of my teeth - Thanks again Mama!)
into another one of Mamarazzi's seriously cool Favorite Things Swap.
I mean what could possibly be better then gathering a few of your most favorite things and sharing them with someone?
To make it even get a suprise package too with all of their favorite things and you make a new friend! Win! Win! Right?
It's like Christmas in May!!!
My swap partner was Krissy - run now and check her out here -
she too is FABULOUS!
Look how perfectly wrapped everything was in beautiful butterfly paper...
*laughs* I just rolled the things I sent Krissy in tissue paper and tossed it in a box!
Poppies! I heart poppies! One of my most favorite flowers! We mustn't forget the Forget-me-not seeds! Fantastic! Since my new favorite hobby is tending to my little garden out back on my little patio!
Very cool pencils and an adorable little journal with Mary Englebreit artwork (perfect for tracking my miles in the car everyday for work) One of her favorite books - ideal for sitting out in the sun and reading while I enjoy my growing garden...
Her favorite fruit chews *yum!*
Beautiful post cards from the California Wine Country...
(which one of these days I am definitely hitting when I visit mom in Escondido *road trip!*)
Glow sticks! I heart glow sticks! They are like glitter for the night!
These will come in handy camping at Forest Folk in August!
And here we have Skittles modeling the awesome ornament and incense...
he is not sure what to make of it...

check out the cool incense burner - the incense smells fantastic btw!
We love incencse in this house and burn it all the time!

Skittle loves his new toy...

he is not sure whether to try and eat it..or mate with it!
(I will let you all know how things work out - LOL)

Thank you Krissy, thank you!


Thank you HolleeAnn for another fantastic swap!


Mamarazzi said...

you got some super fun stuff!! way awesome! i am glad that you and your partner clicked.

i know you already voted for the theme for the next swap and i super big time hope you will play again...looks like it is going to be a Red, White and Blue right?!

(ps love the siidewalk chalk art below!)

Amy said...

What a wonderful swap package!

Krissy said...

I'm so glad you liked it!!

Krissy said...

Just had to add- when you do get out to CA you're always welcome to come up here! There's some WONDERFUL and gorgeous wineries around here that I think you'd really enjoy!

My mom also wanted me to add that she'd make you a lemon drop or a filthy dirty martini anytime!

Danita said...

Great stuff! I'm glad you enjoyed everythign you got!

Walk in the Woods said...

Wow - what a wonderful gift of favorite things! I may have to participate in one of the future trades - what fun!


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