Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I got to be the good guy!

Not that I am usually the bad guy,
well, in my mind anyway...
But today I got to give the
Yale Cancer Center
a check for $34,950.00
for woman's cancer prevention and research.
Not out of my pocket, although I would love to
have the cash to be able to do such things...
It was raised by the company I work for.
I did get to write the check out well, the big fake check anyways
I have a pretty freaking awesome job!

Monday, March 21, 2011

30th Year High School reunion

This is my 9th grade Class...but I will soon be seeing many of these folks again
at my 30th Year High School reunion!
Can you pick me out of this handsome bunch?
Ha! This is me, Lynne and the principal of
Collingswood High School
Class of 1981 baby!
I suppose I haven't changed very much...
a few more pounds...
a few more greys...
a few more wrinkles...
But hell, I earned 'em and had a blast while getting 'em!
So on Friday afternoon I head back to South Jersey...
Draggin' my man of the past 14 years
(have I mentioned he is 12 years younger then me?!)
Not looking too shabby for 47
and most importantly loving life!
(as unconventionally wonderful as it is)
Children aren't invited - so I can't bring Sheldon...
but I will have my baby Sheldon pictures to share!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Or as a good friend calls it...
"Raise-A-Glass-to-Dead-Celtic-Pagans Day"
I suppose since I am not Irish...
and on my 3rd of a 5 year study in the
Inner Temple of Witchcraft...
and Ryan says I shouldn't be celebrating...
Oh f*ck it - do I really need a reason to celebrate?
I am wearing my green because I like the color!
I am drinking green beer and enjoying Jameson because I like it!
I am making Irish potato candy because it makes people smile, and I like it!
So F*ck it! Happy All Snakes Day!
A special shout out for my favorite Irishman.
Cheers to you Uncle Charlie!
Miss you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'mmmmm Baaaack!

*laughs* been a while since posting... took somewhat of a hiatis... well, to be honest I was pissed off at my background. Amanda (she is a wicked sweetheart) came over and hit 2 buttons and BAM! fixed! I am a happy camper now!
No time to chit chat now though - got a hot date with 2 hot boys this evening...
no, not the hot lad in this picture...
Although wasn't Sheldon handsome on his birthday in Salem this year?
St.Pattys parade tomorrow...
You heading anywhere special?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plee for Amanda!

Amanda - you must come over and play this weekend and help me change this gosh darn background! Please, please! I promise we can also bake cupcakes, or cookies...or something!
Whatever your heart desires!
I feel the need to start blogging again and
I need bloggy assistance A.SAP!
Pretty please?!