Monday, March 21, 2011

30th Year High School reunion

This is my 9th grade Class...but I will soon be seeing many of these folks again
at my 30th Year High School reunion!
Can you pick me out of this handsome bunch?
Ha! This is me, Lynne and the principal of
Collingswood High School
Class of 1981 baby!
I suppose I haven't changed very much...
a few more pounds...
a few more greys...
a few more wrinkles...
But hell, I earned 'em and had a blast while getting 'em!
So on Friday afternoon I head back to South Jersey...
Draggin' my man of the past 14 years
(have I mentioned he is 12 years younger then me?!)
Not looking too shabby for 47
and most importantly loving life!
(as unconventionally wonderful as it is)
Children aren't invited - so I can't bring Sheldon...
but I will have my baby Sheldon pictures to share!


Anonymous said...

You are some kind of awesome!

Hope you have a gosh darn blast in Jersey!!

And if you need a Sheldon-sitter, I'm game!

Walk in the Woods said...

She *is* "some kind of awesome."

Have a blast beautiful lady ~ you and that JW/MD drinker ::shudder:: too!

busana muslim said...

I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks