Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm off to Cancun!

Off to beautiful Cancun in just a few short hours!
I am so excited and so ready for this excusion.
Sheldon is all packed and ready to go.
He is excited about possibly picking up a new Day of the Dead playmate.
Shane won't let me carry him on and I had to make him a comfortable spot in my suit case.
Now I am panicing - what if my checked suit case gets lost?
Do I file a missing skeleton baby report?
I am going to make one of those baby sling carrier things for our furture trips!
I am taking to computer so I can load pictures as we go...
Will probably log on at night when we get back to the room just to taunt friends and family!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

MrsB is at it again!

She loves giving things away -
Check out what she has for us today....
Steamy vamp story anyone?

Friday, August 21, 2009

How cute is she?!

oooooo - almost forgot...

Check out MrsB's adorble Tanner!
Vote 10!!!
many, many, many times!
Not because I said so - but because she's just "that" adorable!
here's the link to vote. . .

I *heart* Skellie stuffs...

I *heart* skulls and skellies...just ask Sheldon!
Run now my little wicked friends
and enter a pretty cool givewaway here....
So many super cool Halloweenie things...
...don't ya love this season?!?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you falettinme be mice elf!

Turn up your speakers and dance baby!

Now don't you feel better?

I know I did!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well... I weighed in today. Although I was somewhat bad all weekend while working and living in a hotel for 4 days I still managed to lose a 1/2 a pound....I am pretty grateful - I thought I gained at least 3 pounds! I try to stay off only depresses me when it isn't going down quickly! So I didn't eat Jenny food but 3 days last week and ate "sensibly" most days. I caved and had Kobi beef sliders at the bar Saturday night - with sweet potato fries....and of course 5 cocktails - at least they were diet coke and vodka (sensible alcholhism! *laughs*) & Shane and I went to see Sector 9 and then went for Italian... Gnocci w/basil pesto cream sauce to effin'die for!!!
(Thank the gods Shane ate the left overs this afternoon before work - they were calling my name!)
So I basically thought I sabotaged myself!
We are also officially booked for Cancun!
We leave on Tuesday morning!
I am way excited - I can't wait to feel sand between my toes!
Just one beach trip before Fall - it's perfect!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I **heart** Zombies!

SWEET! I am pretty excited! Woody was fantastic in Natural Born Killers (**heart him**) - This movie is going to rock! I saw the trailer tonight when we saw Sector 9 (rather dull and boring) I wish 9 was out - would have enjoyed that soooo much more!

(yes - I am one of those horrorbloodygorekillerslasherlivingdead movie lovin'kind chick)

I am sooo glad to be home - hotel living gets old after the first 2 nights! I miss my bed, shower, COMPUTER (refused to pay $13 a night for internet) *laughs* and cuddly Shane I suppose! - I have a gazillion blogs to catch up on...contests to enter...crops to harvest....Still trying to find a trip for next week - perhaps Cancun, maybe Dominican Republic...who knows! Found a few for under $700 for 3 nights, all inclusive. I just seriously need to get out of New England for a few days and chill out where there is sand & fruity unbrella drinks - maybe even a cabana boy or two...couples massages...the less people the better - which is odd for me - I totally love people watching! Work is just exhausting and I want to hit the beach at least once before fall hits!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Gang

Anna, Marybeth, me, Ryan & Rosa
This is our gang captured by Marsha
I wanted to share another little piece of Pi with you all!
Tomorrow I head back to the Bronx for 4 days...
Definitely no Pi there - just Pi memories...
Off to the dentist for an exciting Thursday evening!
Maybe we will make it "thirsty" Thursday when I return!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Already missing my Pi Peeps!

AHHHHHH! What a fantabulous weekend!
The weather was fabulous!
The people were as amazing, as always!
Family, friends & furry little ones...
Meade, merryment & moons...
Dancing, drumming & daily delights...
Homemade goodies & brews...
...what more could one ask for?
Welcome to Forest Folk Pi!
That's my boy!

The wonderous view from our little tent compound...
right out my little tent window!
sooo relaxing - such peace - undescribable!
Auntie Beth and Uncle Ry
pulling poor Sheldon's pants down when he was drumming!
...always picking on poor lil'Skellie baby boy!
Like I said...
Me, Thelma and Louise relaxin'in the river!
What a way to enjoy an afternoon beverage!
Marybeth and Liquid Jade...
Lady Rose in the background!
ahhh - I can still smell Cloud's sage!
The drummers!
I wish I had them to fall a sleep to every night!

The beautiful Lady who watched over us!

Can you see the dragon?

Check out baby Sheldon's grin...
He had great time meeting his new Forest Folk friends!
Such an amazing bunch of peoples...
Such a fantastic time...
I truely needed the time in the woods!
Thank you FFF!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you know me and my chances to win super cool free stuff....
Run over to Diane's page...
check out her latest chance to win free stationary!
I also want to shout out to Diane -
Not only does she have 2 super cool blogs &
a kicking business which can turn any family photo
into zombie madness (*heart zombies*)...
but she picked me to win a $20 gift card...
just for asking why she likes the exact same crazy stuff I like!
Run. CLick. Now! - check her out!
(what are you waiting for...I will wait...GO!)
ahhhh - now on to enjoy my vacation...
sisters should be here soon...need to toss clothes in a bag
the cool thing about camping is you can wear the crappiest shit -
and still look styling and chick!
...since I haven't done laundry since 1996
(ok...not really - but my laundry hamper aka/floor looks as if it's been that long)
Ry and Rosa prepped all the food last night while I was in NY
all I have to do is buy Grey Goose and whole wheat buns
& I am outta here in the morning!
Me, Thelma and Louis are heading to soak in the stream,
drink meade, sunbathe and chilllllllllll!
(Thelma and Louis = FB's name for my boobs - *heart those stupid quizes!)
I will see you all on Sunday!
Time for BLISS!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2nd!

Ok, technically it came and went...
but August 2nd was my birthday
Here is my Jenny Craig cake *yum*
I celebrated in my hotel room
after working a 14 hour day!
Alright...after enjoying a few cocktails with the ladies,
after working a 14 hour day!
Plan on celebrating with friends and family over the weekend!
I soooo can't wait!
Back in the Bronx this evening...
The hotel desk people even know me by name now...
I work tomorrow for an investor visit and then
head back to CT & pack for Pi!
Can't wait to see my Forest Folk friends!!!
oh yes...even with the 3 night hotel stay I still lost 1.5 pounds!
for a total of *drum roll*
8 pounds!
ok...better iron my jacket...have to be in the city by 7!