Monday, August 17, 2009

I **heart** Zombies!

SWEET! I am pretty excited! Woody was fantastic in Natural Born Killers (**heart him**) - This movie is going to rock! I saw the trailer tonight when we saw Sector 9 (rather dull and boring) I wish 9 was out - would have enjoyed that soooo much more!

(yes - I am one of those horrorbloodygorekillerslasherlivingdead movie lovin'kind chick)

I am sooo glad to be home - hotel living gets old after the first 2 nights! I miss my bed, shower, COMPUTER (refused to pay $13 a night for internet) *laughs* and cuddly Shane I suppose! - I have a gazillion blogs to catch up on...contests to enter...crops to harvest....Still trying to find a trip for next week - perhaps Cancun, maybe Dominican Republic...who knows! Found a few for under $700 for 3 nights, all inclusive. I just seriously need to get out of New England for a few days and chill out where there is sand & fruity unbrella drinks - maybe even a cabana boy or two...couples massages...the less people the better - which is odd for me - I totally love people watching! Work is just exhausting and I want to hit the beach at least once before fall hits!


Mommie Dearest said...

Having been your mother hen why am I not surprised at your preference for ghoulish stuff? It's in your genes.

Go for the relaxing vacation in as far away place you can find. Enjoy peace and love with Shaney.


mrsb said...

Sounds like heaven! (The vacation, not the movie, lol!)