Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2nd!

Ok, technically it came and went...
but August 2nd was my birthday
Here is my Jenny Craig cake *yum*
I celebrated in my hotel room
after working a 14 hour day!
Alright...after enjoying a few cocktails with the ladies,
after working a 14 hour day!
Plan on celebrating with friends and family over the weekend!
I soooo can't wait!
Back in the Bronx this evening...
The hotel desk people even know me by name now...
I work tomorrow for an investor visit and then
head back to CT & pack for Pi!
Can't wait to see my Forest Folk friends!!!
oh yes...even with the 3 night hotel stay I still lost 1.5 pounds!
for a total of *drum roll*
8 pounds!
ok...better iron my jacket...have to be in the city by 7!


Anonymous said...

Again, Happy Happy Happy. At my age I'd just as soon not count birthdays. In fact I stopped in 1978 and switched to a yearly anniversary. This past April, as you know, I celebrated the 31st anniversary of my 39th birthday.
Have a great time with your sisters and the forest folk. Not my kind of vacation if it involves a porta potty and sleeping in a tent... especially if it rains.
I consider it roughing it in an Airstream!!!!
LUBBA Lots and lots.
Mommie Dearest

annie kelleher said...

hippo birdie two ewes... hippo birdie two ewes... hippo birdie hippo birdie... hippo birdie two ewes!!!!! xox.... annie

Tricia McWhorter said...

Eight pounds??? Well look at you! Way to go and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrating in the company of forest folk sounds almost Tolkein and way cool.

Diane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have a great weekend!

congrats on your 8 lbs!!

mrsb said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Divaeva said...

*giggle* mom? Forgot your password again? You know me - any reason to celebrate and I am in! I will be celebrating birthdays forever! ...maybe a little slower - but still partying like a mad woman!