Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dieting is war!

This is grave.
She put down the big guns for the tanks.
Only a battalion will keep the chocolate from attacking her. Actually...the issue for me is freshbaked breads and MEAT!
I freaking love meat - I crave meat!
Gimmi a pot roast, prime rib or roast pork
and I am a happy chickie!
With all the beer, vodka, 1am drunkin' Wendy's burger run
after the Red Sox and breakfast buffet the next
morning in Salem, Mass I still lost
*drum roll please*
1.5 pounds!
Not too shabby - I am very happy actually!
Made it to the gym for an hour last night...
Took an Aquafit class for an hour this evening,
& then swam 10 laps to boot!
The big test will be working and being in the Bronx, NY
in a hotel Friday through Monday!
But for now...
I am on a roll baby!