Sunday, July 5, 2009

Corn and cocktails?

Happy lazy Sunday - 5th of July - hang by the pool w/freeze pops - draw with chalk because you can day - my bloggy friends! Oh, and I want fresh corn on the cob day *laughs* it's just "that" kind of summery sunny day! Wish my sister remembered to bring delicious Jersey corn with her this visit - will have to hunt down some CT corn after this post. It gives me a reason to enjoy a late afternoon Grey Goose martini on the deck at the establishment around the I am calling it "corn on the cob and cocktail hunt"! *laughs*
yes - I am that strange!

Did I mention I won the most adorable skellie wabbit? I was turned onto this fabulous blog by MrsB and I strongly suggest you check her out as could win Mr Jingles (if I don't win him first!)
Marzel also has my dream puggie dog!
So click you way over and check her out...


Walk in the Woods said...

It was a fab day! I thought of a martini ... but I opted for a homebrew with my meal. I'll wait til The Boy returns, then I won't have to drink alone. And hey - a martini ... no one can drink just one!

And Congrats - I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

Anonymous said...

As you know anonymous is me, Mommie Dearest because I can't remember my password.

I well remember Jersey Corn... but found it's just as good here in SoCal. I know, I know, yadda yadda yadda.

As for freeze pops. Try Dreyer's fruit pops. Better than the sugary stuff and only 30 calories.

The other nite tried a milk chocolate martini. Don't bother... it was, well, yawn. Like spiked chocolate milk.
Wish I could find some good Irish Meade around here!


Laura Rose said...

It really was one of those awesome days!!

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