Friday, July 17, 2009

Cue stripper music!

I am sooooo Craving a dirty martini!
I was just informed this afternoon that my engine light being on
may mean I need a new sensor which could cost me $400+
since my car is past the milage warrenty.
I then was informed I need breaks, or rotors, or some shit.
Although I just had them grinded down in April
due to the fact that I had to jam on my breaks
to avoid being hit by 3 bouncing bowling pins.
Yes - you read that right...
I had to stop on a dime while doing 65 on the highway
(truthfully - it was more like 70-75!)
to avoid 3 bowling pins bouncing at me on Rte 84!!!
(You can't make this shit up folks!)
That was nothing...
...even more fun was trying to avoid a washer and dryer
that flipped out of the back of a pick up and came bouncing at me!
(Yes - washer and dryers bounce when coming at you 65 miles an hour!)
so anyway...back to my car....
I also need her 60,000 mile tune up.
This includes all the car engine sparkplug crap and a timing belt.
Car crap costs $429
Timing belt: $469
Possible rotors $400 something...
(I think I lost conciousness when she started into that cost)
for the possible engine light-emission thingy
if the light doesn't go off before I take it to them on Monday.
Today it cost me $56.00 to find all this out!
Oil change, tire rotation and friday night fun, right???!!!
(She did tell me they will be kind enough to deduct the $56.00 off the 60,000 tune up fee -
since that would have been included...cause Goddess knows - that would have broke my ass!)
So me - the emotional eater - emotional drinker that I am...
am having a seriously tough time having fun this friday night!
SO that romatic Paradise Island vaca I was planning
for my and Shaney's birthday celebration
at the end of August will be just a picnic on the patio here in CT!
On a good note...
Heading to Walnut Beach for the sandcastle competition tomorrow.
On a bad note...
It's calling for @#%&^! rain!
...when life gives you lemons...
(I just wish Jenny Craig had a tequilla!!!)
Off to cuddle with my sweetheart and watch a movie with my green tea!
PS...Eating life change is going well - I am loving Jenny's food! I highly recommend it!
*laughs* on day 3 anyway! ;)


mrsb said...

Jiminy Cricket! Tell your car to stop that!

Mommie Dearest said...

Spend a buck on a lottery ticket so you can win lots of $$$, fix your car plus go away to paradise with Shaney.

I'm going thru withdrawal without ICQ!!!!!!

LUBBA, Mommie Dearest

Tricia McWhorter said...

Geez, girl. I'd be craving more than a dirty martini!!

Krissy said...

Yikes!! If you'll be sittin pretty in your back yard for that vacation, print out a picture of an ocean sunset and tape it to the window....with the right amount of liquor, the difference will be soon forgotten!

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh Eva ... it really is a damned shame that JC doesn't have tequila ... enjoy the sand castles in the rain ... and hey - I'm sure you'll have fun bringing Paradise Island to CT in August. ((hugs)) Love ya!

Laura Rose said...

Holy cow...are you far away from Torrington?? I know a good mechanic! :)