Friday, July 24, 2009

#%@* Gym Bunnies!

Exercise is for gym bunnies...
...and I am certainly no gym bunny!
I was going to the gym 5 - 6 times a week...
suffering through every second and then just lost interest...
I REALLY need to get my tushy back there!
I need you guys to push me!
I was hoping my guy would take a walk with me tonight...
...but he is out with friends.
Don't get me wrong - this is a great thing!
He is usually very anti-social (crazy that he is with me) and
I have pushed him to get some "buddies" and it actually worked!
*sighs* but now I don't have anyone to play with tonight!
Guess I will have to take my walk alone...oh woe is me!
*giggle* Wish I had a stroller - I could take Sheldon!
Got an few early birthday gifts...
I fantastic Tibetian healing bowl
*heart* the sound and vibration!
Ry, Sheldon and I all sat around in our 3D glasses and watched it last night
(I should have taken pictures, Sheldon looked so cute - the glasses wouldn;t fit Skellie Wabbit!)
If you are a Nightmare Before Christmas fan -run now and grab a copy!
I am also going to see the Red Sox tomorrow with great friends -
I have seen the Phillies over a dozen times...
But Shane has never been to a live sporting event!
I am pretty excited for him!
Ok enough stalling - I'm off for my lonely walk...
Have a fabulous Friday Night!


koopermom said...

Brody and I are watching Coraline right now!!!! I love it. We haven't got the 3D glasses out yet though, maybe tomorrow!

and don't worry - you'll push yourself when you are ready. I hate the gym. I bought a treadmill and listen to music or watch tv while working out. It's a much better atmosphere for me!!

Mommie Dearest said...

This was my 3rd day back with those dastardly machines after "quitting" for over a month. Thought I would be over the sore muscle thing. Nope... worse today. Taking the weekend off to heal... give my aged cricky muscles a rest.

One thing about the gym.... when you get tired you stop and drive home. When you are walking and get tired you're hopefully almost home.... if not you still have to keep going.

Package went out today.


Diane said...

we saw coraline at the movies 8 times lol! i have it on my ipod now too!

i would love a healing bowl! what a great gift.

best of luck getting motivated. i, for one, am probably not the best support as far as that goes! lol but i can yell at you! like this:

"get yer butt out there a'walkin' missy!!"

did that help?

Tricia McWhorter said...

I'm afraid if I tried to "push" you to go to the gym I'd break into a million little hypocrite pieces. Sorry.

The healing bowl sounds wonderful. Is it one that heals through sound?

Divaeva said...

Yes Tricia - sound and vibrations - It's amazing! I want one for every chakra!

Krissy said...

How exciting, crystal bowls are incredible! I too need to get out to the gym soon, though I'm headed off to Disneyland on Monday and am guessing I'll get quite the workout there!

Walk in the Woods said...

Gyms have never resonated for me. For a number of reasons. I've tried a few and prefer a walk in Nature ... or some hard work in Nature. And even I need a push from time to time - and lately, with greater frequency!

Enjoy your weekend!

Divaeva said...

ah yes - my sweet Rose - I went for a walk that night and visited my favorite tree off the trail. I was alone and crept into the woods jumping at every noise (no idea why...maybe just because I was alone) and when I got to my old friend - a vine came from above and tapped me on the it was patting me hello - scared the living shit out of me until I realized what it was...Me and that great forest friend had a good chuckle!

mrsb said...

I took Miss M. to see Coraline at the theater. I was so excited to share it with her, as it's one of my favorite books!

The ball game looks fun!