Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wow - what a week...

Wow - what a rollercoaster week and it is only Tuesday...
(ok, technically Wednesday morning!)
My sweet Samhain (that's my orange Eclipse's name)
only ended up costing $1,165.00
Better then what I expected.
The engine light ended up being the gas cap screwed on over the little string thing that attaches it to the car so it doesn't get lost...although I checked that - apparently I screwed it back on the same way both times. But I am ok with my idiot moment since it didn't cost me anything for the guy to basically say I was an idiot in a polite way!
No new brakes just yet...the grinded them again which was only $200.
Works for me - now I can save for when I do need new routers!
Then work has just been a ball buster...
(or ovary buster in my case)
I hired a person on Friday...and because of a stupid mistake made by one of my better people - I may have to let one go this Friday!
It's out of my control/hands and in HR's.
My job rocks for the most part...but days like today bum me out!
Goal for this week - Gym at least 2 or 3 times...
No excuses! I love my bloggy,plurky, FB peeps....
But I gots to do whats I gots to do!


Tricia McWhorter said...

FIVE pounds!!!! Wow, you ROCK. Way to go!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Good news on the car. And "work" is filled with highs and lows. As for the five pounds - good for you! Those sanitized tape worms are really doing the trick, eh?


annie kelleher said...

oh there's nothing like sanitized tapeworms... does rose make them for you, or do you have another source? ;) i've done the very same with the engine light and the gastank too... its amazing how nicely some guys can call you an idiot, isn't it? :)

mrsb said...

Congrats on both!

Mommie Dearest said...

Really great! Especially the weight!
Went back to curves this week.... oh, ounch, grunt, ow, ugh!

Get the happy pills? Picked up a new
supply today for myself.

Made a light weight cotton sundress.
Black, lightly embroidered, a few
sewn on sequins. Good for a bathing
suit cover up. Want it?