Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I appologize bloggy peeps....as if I wasn't already the most uninteresting Diva ever... my failure to post is frustrating - right? *laughs* ok....maybe just to me! I try my bestest to keep up with all the seriously kickin' folks I have met on here...it gets terribly exhausting! Ok, again, maybe that is just me! *giggles* So how is your 2010 so far? Life is pretty effin' swell here in Divaland! I have been a bad "healthy liver" ...like my liver is healthy at all?!?! What I meant was that my "healthy living" kick has lead me to the gym at least twice a week....but not this week *laughs* I have lost 5 pounds and kept it off working out....maybe one day I will actually eat healthy instead of eating out literally every night! (It's my enabling roomates - not me!!!)
I head out to see mom in California on Saturday and it is employee evaluation time (which I dread every year) so I have to squish 2 weeks of work into 4 days! I love my peeps and I struggle with what is right every year... don't get me wrong I am a great boss (shhh..they tell me this - it's not just my vainess) but I still struggle... self doubt I suppose. Whatever it may be - I stress until it's over! I guess when it comes down to it - I hate confrontation...unless pickled, then confrontation is fun! But pickledness is frowned upon at work.... Wow - I have some serious issues, right?
Anyhoo - also heading to Jersey, before heading to Philly to jump on a plane to CA. Thursday night I am planning drinks with several old friends from elementary and high school (how effin' kewl is that?!). I put the invite out there for refreshing beverages at my home town corner bar (no worries - I can crawl to my sisters from where it's at) and several peeps said they would come hang! I am pretty excited and will take my camera to share when I get home!
I am leaving you with this link....since I am stilll bloggy challenged when it comes to links....but you have to check out this Josh Kelley...listen to a few of his songs on You Tube - I promise - you will not be sorry! It started with the song I play for my honey...Amazing...but this is a silly and fun song I am starting you out with.... check him out and I will see you in 2 weeks!
are you dancing yet? hehehe...you will be! Enjoy and happy effin' 2010!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Win a Tungsten!

I love, love, LOVE these rings! I bought my guy one last Christmas and he never takes it off. He bought me the most beautiful engagement ring a few years ago and I felt he needed one as well - so I bought him a Tungsten ring. I wasn't even sure what it was - but it was very handsome and reminded me of the titanium one I could never afford to buy him that he loved while browsing in this kickin' fine art store.
I would love the chance to win one for my very own - so I shouldn;t send you here...
But I want "another" chance!
Good Luck! :)
What are you waiting for? Head on over and visit MrsB -
I am sure you too will be addicted to all her fabulousness!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is fun!

Ryan J Cucchi Status: Proof that life is FAR funnier the TV. My roomate in the middle of a resturant says in front of the waitress and a family of 5.... I am a true friend I offered to suck the stuff of your nuts.