Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is fun!

Ryan J Cucchi Status: Proof that life is FAR funnier the TV. My roomate in the middle of a resturant says in front of the waitress and a family of 5.... I am a true friend I offered to suck the stuff of your nuts.


Divaeva said...

*laughs* what I meant was... Since he had just had teeth pulled - I offered to suck the wasabi powder off the almonds so he too could enjoy a light snack!

Diane said...

are you guys drinking? lol

Anonymous said...

Of course they were drinking!
They consider just being alive
an occasion to have a drink!

LUBBA, Mommie Dearest

Very Mary said...


Also? My word verification code for this comment? It's bible. *snorts* This word verification program doesn't know me very well.

Marie S said...

Must be!! I would love the chance to do this goddess, good luck in the giveaway.
Have a magical 2010.