Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidaze!

Well hello there my beautiful bloggy darlings!
How was your Yulemas?
Mine was pretty rocking!
Chilled with the fam and friends...
Drove to New Jersey - took me 3 hours to get there...
9 hours to get home!
I was NOT a happy camper!
Good thing I stopped and got hoagies for the boys!
(For those not from the Philly area - they are the most delicious "grinders" with hoagie juice - olive oil, oregano & just simple deliciousness!)
I ate one before I had to start looking under the seat for small morsles
of nuts or furry forgotton candy...something to keep me awake LOL
My babe's issues turned out OK. The entire homophobe thing was squashed....
I mean really dude - WTF were you thinking???
OK, maybe I still have issue with the situation...I am working on that!
Another issue was brought to the surface...
Some folks can joke around - but are bad when it comes back at 'em...
oh well... You live. You learn. Right?
But he is happy again... this makes me happy!
Thank you for listening to me gripe before the holiday!
You guys rock!
Can you believe it? 2010 already?!?
I am still waiting for nanobots, flying cars, silver lame suits - oh wait...the queens have that covered - right Ry?
WTF did the year go? In fact - where did the last 10 years go?!
Here's to you... my dear, dear friends...
May your life be filled with peace, love and light this coming year!



Krissy said...
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Krissy said...

Blessed be dear friend!! You're living/family room is gorgeous! I love the suns on the wall and the bea-utiful decor! Happy New Year!

(By the way..I hat homophobes..grr..)

Krissy said...

*hate*- see, I dislike the closed mindedness so much that it even makes me misspell words!

Divaeva said...

*giggles* Love you Krissy! Thanks for the kind words on our messy living room - we truely make it a "living" room...if you could see the mess - you would agree *wink*

Walk in the Woods said...

Whatever the grumbling was about, I hope it's passing. And may you enjoy these last couple of days of 2009CE. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Glad your Yule was merry and your grumblings turned out ok. Knew it would! Mommie Dearest loves you.