Friday, December 4, 2009

I squish you!

I was such a Kids in the Hall fan...
I loved that skit where they would hold their thumbs up and say...
"Nobody's home!"
or as I am doing to my sweetheart here..
"I squish you!"
I am guessing he is not amused that I was interupting
his Tiger Woods golf game for yet another blog post picture.
...or maybe he is just saying Honey, you are #1?!
Ha! I bet it's because I have been listening to holiday music since Thanksgiving!
What I was really taking a picture of is my burn...
You can kind of see it. It's a huge white bubble now on a
very important typing finger!
(yes folks, I am a 2 finger hunt and pecker!)
To top it all off I did it making a grilled cheese sandwich!
See, cooking is dangerous!
I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night!
It's suppose to snow tomorrow night....
I love, love LOVE snow!!!!


Tricia McWhorter said...

I'm glad you love snow. I think it is beautiful and I'm glad I lived in it for a time (I survived four winters) but I have to say, I enjoy it more in my mind. Actually I didn't mind the snow as much as the ice.

Rue said...

Take care of that finger - ouch!

I loved Kids In the Hall! OMG - the bird lady - seriously! It was always a really uncomfortable funny.

mermaiden said...

Loved the Squish You skit!!!

Anonymous said...

I love snow when it is on top of Palomar Mtn. and I'm sitting on the patio getting a tan. Cleaning ice and snow off my car in NJ is why I moved to SoCal.

Mommie Dearest kisses Diva's finger and makes it all better.


Divaeva said...

Ha mom - that is why I have a garage and maintenance people to shovel! I can love snow - every flake - without stress!

Krissy said...

I LOVE my package!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've also found a picture for one of the frames! The CD was playing in the car less the two minutes after the box got ripped's perfect, I love Christmas music! My mom was even more excited than I was about the Christmas pickle (Which I love love love!) and said that she's been wanting to get one for years and is so excited to put it on the tree this year!

Great big *hugs*!!

Catch a snowflake on your tongue for me!!


Walk in the Woods said...

I hope your booboo heals well and quickly!

I started listening to holiday music yesterday, as the snow was falling, and going through my holiday decorations. :)