Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full belly..

It's 2 days after the big Turkey Day and I think my belly is still full!
As you can see below - we decided not to follow our yearly tradition.
Instead of going to a restaurant - we stayed home and cooked!
I am pretty thankful that we did!
I only got out of my pj's to take a shower - then got right back in them to go to bed!
Not to shabby for tossing it together last minute...
nothing too fancy...just the basics...and it was indeed perfect!
Sheldon was ready for some turkey!

Sheldon helping daddy carve the bird....

The best part of cooking at home...
Ryan made this kickin' turkey and rice soup with some delicious
home grown habanaros and delicious fresh avocado.
It was to die for!
Now we go into a 5 1/2 day work week through Christmas...
...gotta love retail! (NOT!)


Divaeva said...

Mom - see the Firda family turkey platter!? I love that platter!

Diane said...

the table setting is beautiful! we don't have our thanksgiving til tomorrow. i'm actually hungry and can't wait!

Krissy said...

Beautiful table!

Mommie Dearest said...

Yes dear, I saw the turkey platter.
Tell Ry that turkey soup looks really good.

will said...

Everything looks so delicious! Lucas loved Shledon! LOL It's a beautiful Thanksgiving meal! Have a great week, and I hope your keyring arrives asap!

Kisses from us.

MrsB said...

I hope Sheldon got seconds. That child is just skin and bones! Mostly bones!

Pop Art Diva said...

I agree with everyone else, your table was beautiful! Did I spy my Cranberry Martini sitting there by the bird in a - gasp! - non martini glass???? He he

I would like that recipe for your Turkey Soup - the minute I saw the avocado in there I wanted to make it with my leftover turkey (especially since I have run out of cherry sauce now!)

BTW, got another martini for your fiance: Jackass, The Martini, he he he.

Nydia said...

Thank you for your lovely words, Diva! I'm happy everything arrived safely to you, sorry for shipping delay, sometimes it's so fast, other times, it get slower!:oP

Kisses from us.

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