Tuesday, December 15, 2009


*grumble, grumble, grumble!*
Have you ever just had a week where people just seriously, and I mean seriously,
disappoint you? Not just one person... but several.
It sucks that it has to be around the holidays!
I freaking love the holidays! ...even my love for holiday music isn't working!
I try to always be upbeat...think the best of people...I am definitely a people person!
This week I just want to be as far away from people as possible! That is just NOT me!
There have been aligations tossed around about people that I love that could not be further from the truth and it has been bothering me for days. Things are "under investigation" and of course I am not allowed to speak my mind. That alone kills me! I have been working out and trying to sweat away these awful feelings...but I can't seem to shake the worry and "ick" feeling! Even shopping just makes me want to lash out at the stupid people! That is way, way, WAY not like me! I freaking love shopping! It makes me sad - which sucks since I am a happy person in general! I tried dancing... I tried farming (my mouse farmville click hand aches - some of you know what I mean) I have tried art, writing in my journal, I have cooked, meditated...
I need to break out of this mood!
Maybe a trip to Jersey to hang with some old friends for the holiday martinis will shake it!
Maybe I need an emergency Forest Folk peep hug!
Maybe I need a puppy?! LOL... I need something!
What do you do to shake shitty moods?


mrsb said...

I have a tendency to punch something.

That usually makes me feel better, lol!


Tricia McWhorter said...

I read your blog.

Ry said...

Please dont encourage her to hit something...I have enough bruises from her already.

Walk in the Woods said...

Must be something over the Connecticut skies ... Hang in and know that all things (no matter how frustrating, aggravating or sinister) happen with reason. Damn it. And here's a big ol' ((((((((FF HUG)))))))) for ya!

Nydia said...

If you have already tried everything, just stop trying. Simply breath. It will soon be over, and you'll be your cool self again, believe me. Been there...


The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

I'm so sorry you're having a tough time...I get in ruts too, but it seems like you're getting it from all sides right now. Like Nydia said, breath...the one thing we can count on in this life is that everything changes...

If it makes you feel any better, you just won the Screen Door Bugs! JasGlassArt should be contacting you soon.

Hope that helps!


Rue said...

Hope things are looking up for you soon.

When things are really bad - I eat alot of chocolate, and occasionally have a little naughty time with a certain guy friend.

I don't recommend you do either of these things. Neither is particulary healthy for you!

Domestic Witch said...

I make a big change, which often is a catalyst for more change! Like getting a puppy! A good comedy might work too. Cheers!

I Am Very Mary said...

I give.