Tuesday, July 14, 2009

D Day...

Yesterday I broke down and joined Jenny Craig.
I was sick of feeling fat.
We won't even get into my self image of myself...
I simpley "felt" fat!
Winded going up steps, uncomfortable and just plain
miserable, so I had to do something!
...so today I started my pre-packaged food program...
Afternoon snack.
Just kidding...so far the food is pretty good and I am feeling "satisfied".
These pictures are from a walk a month or so back...
I figured I could use them in a diet kinda post.
I should really get my ass to the gym tonight - going for a walk instead.
(after my internet fix of course!)
I went from spinning 5-6 days a week to
spinning 3 days a week,
to spinning 1 time before vacation,
to nothing in the past month.
(but my farm on farm town is ass kicking and I am a blog reading queen!)
I am mad at myself for that and mad that I let myself get "voluptuous" again.
This is the third time for a prepackaed food program.
I lostr 70 pounds on nutrisystem - gained 100 back.
Lost 80 pounds on nutrisystem, gained 90 back.
This time I have "people" (maybe not Valerie or Jenny herself - but people)
I have a support system. I have a effin; 800 number!
*laughs* phone call:
"*sobbing* hello Jenny?! hello Valerie?! HELP!? I am just about to eat a brownie!!!"
Anyhoo - here we go again - and this is the last time!
I want to be healthy and feel good!
My beautiful self deserves that!
Ok, enough typing - I am heading out for a walk!


Walk in the Woods said...

You do whatever you need to do to feel "good." Your beautiful - and verrrrry funny - self deserves it!

(And I have to ask ... have you check out Annie's "Eating the Angel Way" blog at ”http://eatingtheangelway.blogspot.com? Just another potential support)

Krissy said...

Well if you ever are at lack for motivation and in need for a weight loss buddy, feel free to knock on my door!

Love the pictures. That's how one of the prepackaged food programs I tried tasting. No wonder I headed back to the fridge! (heh)

Tricia McWhorter said...

Very funny pictures!! I did have an Irish wolfhound once who literally ate through the trunk of a small tree I'd planted but I didn't think it was funny at the time.

Good for you, though. Have you checked out Bette Jo's blog http://fattofifty.blogspot.com/ ?? She's on a weight loss mission too and is also fun to read.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

"Good" daughter,

Love the pictures.... reminds me of my years of dieting.

I lost at WW this week because I wore the wrong pants. Every week I wear the same old jeans to weigh in then hang them on a hook until the next week. I think they jumped off the hook and walked themselves to the hamper. So wore nice lite weight capri's for weigh in. ERROR! No matter that I know better, my subconscious is still telling me I can afford to eat a gallon of ice cream before weighing in next week.

We have a pretty good WW group. Our motto is "We're all liars and cheaters" Half of us have been staying at goal (Lifetime members)
and we all admit we need the weekly brainwashing to keep us away from self destruction.

Go for it "Good" daughter! I know you can do it.

Shall I oil up my sewing machines to make you some new stuff?

LUBBA, Mommie Dearest