Thursday, March 17, 2011


Or as a good friend calls it...
"Raise-A-Glass-to-Dead-Celtic-Pagans Day"
I suppose since I am not Irish...
and on my 3rd of a 5 year study in the
Inner Temple of Witchcraft...
and Ryan says I shouldn't be celebrating...
Oh f*ck it - do I really need a reason to celebrate?
I am wearing my green because I like the color!
I am drinking green beer and enjoying Jameson because I like it!
I am making Irish potato candy because it makes people smile, and I like it!
So F*ck it! Happy All Snakes Day!
A special shout out for my favorite Irishman.
Cheers to you Uncle Charlie!
Miss you!


Anonymous said...

Like you said.... any reason to celebrate is good. I second the mention of Uncle Charlie. Regardless of everything there are far more good memories about him.

Lubba, Mommie Dearest

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