Monday, May 11, 2009

Why am I effin'around on the internet....

*laughs* I guess the answer to that is I am a freaking glutton for punishment! I just got back from NY - worked the weekend - but it was easy work - easy meaning it was not my store grand opening and I was just helping out - so no pressure ;) I just get to tell people what to do - no goals, no consenquences for not making goals - just sneaking under the radar and making sure issues were solved asap.... my kind of working weekend! But now I have SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE Forest Folk - Beth gets her tomorrow - so I suppose I should clean/straighten up (f'that - she's family...) pack, plan, buy, prepare foods (hell, may just hit the liquer store...and visit Jaji's tent when I have the need for food to mix with my alcohol)... so like I said....SO much to do.... (looks out at her tomato plants that need to be planted...) *sigh* maybe I should just hit the liquer store tonight! ;)
OMG - I have to tell you about Friday night... went to the hotel bar to enjoy a beverage and a bite to eat...pathetic and alone (oh- woe is me...)...not for long.... (Always sleep better in hotels after a beverage since I am a light sleeper) and there were other "work peeps" so 1 dirty martini became 4 martinis and 2 red headed step childs (even I can't tell you - a shot of some was red *shrugs*) and then I go back to my room... The bed is a sleep number bed... Imagin a drunk person - alone - no internet in her room to drunk facedbook - texting on my phone was messed up so no drunk texting.... just a sleep number remote control.... I was up until 3 am playing with this remote - woke up with it stuck to my cheek! LOL - seriously! so I think...I think my sleep number is 45/80 - but with the king sized bed....I had to keep switching it and checking one side against the other... so I still have no idea and I was there for 4 nights! LOL
You would think on my sober nights I could figure it out.... *shakes her head* oh no....not this crazy chicky! So anyhooo - back to my simple and easy to use bed! ahhhhhhhh!
I love my crazy life! ;)

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Jinxed said...

ROFLMAO ... as I'm reading this, a movie like image popped into my head. A drunk Eva rolling from one side of the bed to the other trying to figure out her sleep number until finally she passes out with the remote control stuck to her chest.