Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OH NO! Not my personal great pumpkin carriage!

What a way to start a day...minding my own business - turned on my little blinker and waited for traffic before I turned into the Chamber of Commerce and "BANG!" Some lady smashed into the back of Samahin - my personal great pumpkin carriage! (Yes - I named my sunset orange Eclipse that I got 2 years ago on Samhain) Ok - I know you are saying it's just a car...but she is my baby! Luckly - no one was hurt - just a little sore from the jolt - tomorrow maybe a little bit more...but Marjorie (my new smashing into your neighbor friend) and I are just dandy!


Jinxed said...

Poor Samhain .... I'm sure you will get her fixed in no time. Just don't get a rental that you like better ... she'll get jealous. lol

Divaeva said...

she s very very sad - I need to get her a Dora or a Princesses Bandaid! :p