Saturday, November 22, 2008

5 minutes of fame...*sighs*

Well the TV spot is over - I prepard my little tushy off and was super prepared for another TV appearence - spoke to all the staff about all my products and how it much money you could save shopping at my store - everyone was excited (even me) Then they put the micorphone on me and turned on the camera lights and I went blank! Barely remembered my name! I hate these things! I can't understand why I just freeze up like that - no problem talking to people and being the center of attention - but the second I "have" to do it I am a mess! Couldn't take pictures either - they were filming other segments while I was setting up.
I almost lucked out - all my energy that I thought was wasted on stressing knocked the power out at the station (how bizaar is that - ok, I am saying it was my energy!) NBC had to switch over and broadcast CNBC from 11 to 12 - when my spot was to air! (and then CNBC lost energy for a few moments - everyone at the staion was freaking out...) I thought I lucked out and wouldn't have to do it *laughs* no such luck - they taped my spot to air at 5:00 when even more people could watch me make an ass of myself! I really need to be more specific when I am sending out energies I guess!
Anyway - I wasn't able to get pictures to share - but my table looked great and people at the station loved my lunch spread - feeding people always makes you a hit no matter how much of an ass you are on TV ;)


Jinxed said...

I'm sure in your mind, it was much worse then it was to everyone else. But for next time ... you're the boss, make one of your people do the next one. lol Love Ya Sis!

Mommie Dearest said...

Next time rehearse your lines with Ry. You worry too much... knowing you I'm sure you were better than you think. You're a star! You always were my star! LUBBA