Saturday, June 27, 2009

How I define my life....

Ok, not really - but they are rather fun - and sometimes eerily right on the money!
So today I found out my best trait is my JOYFULNESS.
I would like to think so...I do try to be ever joyful!

Eva completed the quiz "What is your Best Trait?" with the result Joyfulness.
You light up a room with your smile and laughter, and people gravitate to you because of your joyfulness. You love life and get excited about all it has to offer. You love to cheer people up and give them encouragement when they are down. Your bubbly personality and genuine smile brighten up peoples' day. Your positive attitude helps lighten up those who take life too seriously. You know how to have fun, let loose, be spontaneous. Be it life's greatest experiences or just the small simple details of life, you soak it all up and it inspires everyone around you..

An then I took this one...
Definitely an era I adore! Definitely how I would love to play dress up!
I mean who doesn't love brocade and Plumes?!
Eva took the What Era Should You Time Travel To? quiz and the result is Italian Renaissance
You like your freedom. You are creative and full of energy with a special love of opulent things, especially exotic treasures. You love a little spice in your life as well as a bit of mystery! The Masquerade in Venice, the rich culture of Rome, and the secrets inside the Vatican will bring a smile to your lips. Wine, women, and songs abound: It's an endless feast of fun! Noble lords be sure to tuck a few plumes in your cap and ladies don't forget to wear brocade! You'll want to look fashionable when you visit Renaissance Italy!
I also haven't forgotten that I owe you pictures from the Relay and Maine...
Had to get my Mamarazzi Red, White and Blue Swap package prepared and ready to send...
I always go waaaaay over board - but they are so effin' fun!
The boys think I am crazy with these swaps...
but I truely love them!
I hope this swap partner likes her package!
I always wait in anticipation to see if she does - that's the best part!
Tomorrow I have the day to myself...maybe I will take the time to post some pictures!
Love and hugs to you all!


annie kelleher said...

joyfulness!! that is so delightful!!! blessings to you for your joyful personality!!!! im going to have to go find out mine!!! xox.... annie

mrsb said...

I've always wanted to try one of those swaps, but I'm so nervous the other person would be disappointed with what I send, lol!

Walk in the Woods said...

It fits Eva - all of it!