Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow - what a week!

Hey bloggy buds! I have sooo much to post... Relay for Life... trip to Ogunquit, Maine... Summer Solstice... it was a crazy busy vacation week (well, partial vacation - I worked Thursday and Friday) and I will certainly post pics and stuffs as soon as I can.
My sister just left this afternoon. After she headed out Shaney and I went golfing. So it was raining (spitting actually) ...and the ground was soaked through and mushy from the past 8 days of rain ...and I don't actually golf and never have ...but I went as moral support since Shaney's regular golfing buddy backed out (basically I went to drive the golf cart). It was somewhat of a tribute to my dad on this fine Daddy's Day. Dad loved to golf and I had always wanted to go and hang out with him and learn to golf. When he got sick - he would promise me on the phone that he was perfect and feeling fine and the next time I was in Jersey we would go and he would show me the ropes (or is it clubs? birdies? *laughs* whatever!). Needless to say, dad passed before we ever got a chance to go! I remember all those funky plaid golfing shorts he use to wear -I sure do miss those shorts and I sure do miss you daddy!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!
I love & miss you so much!
Now to go and write in my journal... stealing Rose and Annie's idea... will write a letter to my daddy about dog legs, boggies, pars, greens, utters, irons, and all the other golf lingo and stuff I learned today! (*laughs* not quite sure what a dog's leg has to do with golf...but now I can use it in a sentance!) Merry Summer my friends!

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Walk in the Woods said...

Merry summer to you too!