Thursday, April 8, 2010

California Dreaming...

Well hello there my fine bloggy friends!
How's life been treatin'ya?
Busy, busy, busy here...
Ok, lazy, lazy, lazy here... *laughs*
(But I have a kick ass farm on farmville!)
Been a terrible procrastinator with these pics from Cali...
..but finally... here we go....
Love this California's beaches....
....makes a statement I suppose...
*laughs* and so does this...
Seriously... and they deliver the shit to your door?
I certainly didn't have it this easy when I a hippy!

Grandma and baby Sheldon on the beach.

What a stud!
Sheldon playing Baywatch...
Grandma in the background there.

Beautiful picture from the top...
or almost the top of Palomar Mountain
...seriously breath taking!
...and here my New England friends is a California snow man!
*laughs* and this is Anna driving in the front seat with mom...
along the mountain roads...
very high...
with no ledges on the sides...
Marybeth, mom and I had fun watching her freak out around the turns.
(Yes, we are evil)
Wish this picture turned out better...
It was another killer mountain road we took with
no railings and over looking the ledge and ocean.
Truely, amazingly beautiful!
We couldn't go to the top -
figures we decide to go to California during the only week it rained all year in Cali.
There was a rock slide and
apparently half the mountain colapsed into the ocean...
...with the road!
My baby playing around...poor little guy wishes he had hair!

Grandma having fun with Sheldon...
He loves his Grammy!
Here is smelly elephant seal beach.
Smelly, but very cool to watch!
How could anyone in their right mind club anything
with eye like these?
This is Wayne B. Fiske
By far the coolest Hearst Castle Tour guy ever.
He told a stories about all the old Hollywood legends who
visited the castle back in the day.
Can you guess which Hollywood legend he is imitating here?
hahaha... Can you believe this is the picture I took before
he realized I was taking a picture?
He posed for the one above, but this was just his demeanor
in this shot. He was the coolest dude!
My beautiful sisters outside Los Angeles.

Sheldon loved this plaque...
He giggled the whole time home in the car.
Sheldon, Anna, Marybeth and Mommie Dearest
with a bust of James Dean
Isn't this shot freaky?
(Like that video email that went around a while back
where you are driving along on a calm mountainside road
and then BAM a ghost or something pops out and screams really loud
and scares the shit out of you?)
Grammy helping Sheldon Check out the Hollywood mountainside.
(Note: this is where some Asian guy with a camera asked he he could take pictures of Sheldon if you see Sheldon in anime cartoons - I sooo want a cut of the profit!)
Sheldon observing....
That ends today pictures...we have more to download tomorrow..
Or whenever - you know me.
You have to see Sheldon with the California surfers!
**hugs from me and Sheldon**


Marie S said...

Oh you were so close. Sheldon is great and such a poser too.
His Gramma is the best! What a great sport.
Great pictures, I think the one of the rock in the heart hole is the best though.
It looks like you had a great time.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for the new insight on familiar places.
Looking forward to whenever.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.... one of those pics really shows my wrinkles!!! It was a great week.... next time we start in Vegas or SF and do more fantastic stuff. Marie S... I am not a good sport with Sheldon... he is my Grand Skeleton and I love... love... LOVE him. Tee hee. Besides this is SoCal... no one thinks it's weird that we fawn over Sheldon.

Love to you from Mommie Dearest

Walk in the Woods said...

Good things come to those who wait! I love the pics and it looks like you all had a great time - especially Sheldon. I can understand his giggles. :) And BTW - my goddess-daughter recently moved to CA to work on a farm ... harvesting medical cannabis.

Nydia said...

Hey, welcome back! Wee missed yyou, lazy witch!
Loved all the fun photos with Sheldon, he's such a guy! LOL Gramma looks like had such a blast with him!

Thanks for sharing, it's great you had su much fun!

Kisses from Nydia.