Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Picnic in the park

What is one to do on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon?
with my handsome baby....
...and my handsome boys....
(not sons...for the record...just boyfriends)

Can't forget some yummy munchies....
Fresh French bread & brie.
Delicious shrimps!
Hummus and cukes.
Soprasatta, pepperoni and smoked gouda.
Peanut butter cookies, my babies favorite!
...and of course...
2 pitchers of delicious fresh blueberry, strawberry and grape
and my favorite shoes!
Can life get any better?


Krissy said...

You sure do know how to have a picnic! Mmm! Looks like fun and beautiful weather!!


Rue said...

Aww - way too much fun! Lucky you with all the sunshine! Great looking feast - glad you had fun!

Laura Rose said...

Awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

You certainly know how to make a beautiful Sunday awesome! Makes me believe I raised my daughters to know how to make life good.
Mommie Dearest

Nydia said...

That's what I call a prfect way to spend a sunny afternoon! Glad you had fun with your boys, Eva!

Oh everythnig looks so yummy...

Kisses from us.