Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crutches Suck!

Hey there bloggy peeps!
I have discovered
I am not fond of being out of comission!
Went in for surgery Monday on what we thought was a
simple meniscus tear...
*loud annoying buzzer noise*
Ended up being much more serious...
severe cartlidge loss.
Dr. Dua then proceeded to drill small holes into my
femur, tibia or patella....
(I think...I was half a sleep when he explained)
The blood filling the bone will create more cartlidge to form...
(or so I am told)
Needless to say, I am off it for 4 weeks.
It's killing me!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry a martini glass with crutches?
(LOL - kidding Mommie Dearest!)
It has given me time to play with my art...
but even that is getting boring....I wanna go out!
Pictures to come once Mommie Dearest sends me her camera.
(Mine broke and I want to save up for the Canon Sure Shot)
A little paniced about my cruise atthe end of the month...
Was hoping to be recovered by the time the ship left New York.
Looks like I will contiue to be gimpy and pampered on the cruise...
oh darn! *laughs*
Not my ideal way to end the summer....
What about you...
What fantasticness are you doing to close out the Summer of 2010?


Anonymous said...

Awwww... poor gimpy Diva! How's that for sympathy from Mommie Dearest? I hope you know that everyone is telling me that mom's do not "lend" stuff to their daughters... that I may as well consider the camera a gift. NOT!
If you don't send it back I will fly to Ct. and get it! Then bitch if you haven't fixed the hole in the blow up bed. Get well soon. LUBBA

Nydia said...

Ouch, sweetie... I'm so sorry it ended up being more serious than expected. Do behave yourself to be back on tracks again! :o)

Hope you're well spoiled and pampered...
"Mommie Dearest", lol! I use to call my mom this way to tease her, she hates that movie! :P

Take good care, and keep us posted.

Kisses and much love from us.

Walk in the Woods said...

Somehow I don't quite believe that you're kidding about the martini glass. :)

And you'll have to let me know how your cartilage does … because it may be a surgery for me to consider (if it's not too late).

And I'm lighting a candle for you - right now - and sending you extra doses of healing Love.


Anonymous said...

Awwww... but I bet you're one helluva Diva on those crutches! Have you decorated them yet? Maybe with feathers? Definitely glitter. ;)

Btw - I call my mother Mommie Dearest when I am in the mood to annoy her. It works every time.

I am writing this on the plane back from San Francisco! Lover and I went to Colorado for five days and then to SF for four days for vacation. Good times had by all. I'm closing out the summer with a switch to a new job (yay Americorps) and a new apartment. Busy busy!

Good luck, gimp! ;)

Tricia McWhorter said...

Soooooo sorry to hear about your knee. Guess you'll just have to ask them to bring you a martini so you don't have to chase it with a pain pill!