Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bored on a Sunday

Hey there friends!
Ryan is away in Ohio, Shane is at work - so I am somewhat bored with no one to play with ... I should really be cleaning - but you know how that goes!! I decided to make corned beef and cabbage with a horseradish cream sauce - it smells freaking fabulous! Not very diety but what the heck! I will just wear a towel on the beach when I am cruising the Catalina Islands in 2 weeks with mom!
I finally started back at the gym today after the "coughing rib incident". Lungs have turned to mush it seems - spinning totally kicked my ass! But I am determined to lose the 8 pounds I gained while sick before I get to California on April 3rd (Mom's birthday!) It's amazing how lazy one gets when one is coughing up a lung for 2 weeks!
Oh - you must go check out Dandelion Wishes (see button to the right--->) Mamarazzi has another kickin' giveaway! The etsy page Live.Love.Bead - has some beautiful stuff! Mamarazzi sends you there as well!
Ok - have to run tot he store - and I pumped up my bike tires - no excuse not to ride it now...
**Springtime huggies**

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