Thursday, April 2, 2009

Are you ready?!

...for summer?
I am soooooo ready!
I will miss my snow (I call it mine since it seems everyone I know hates it) - but I am soooo ready for sunshine, beach, BBQ's and fresh yummy veggies and fruits!
If you want to have a chance to be even more ready, head to visit Good Gals Inc -
You know how I love my chances to win free goodies!
Manicure done. Pedicure done. Bathing suit packed. My fabulous new summer dresses packed. Flip flops of every color found and ready to be packed.
(I can already taste the fresh avacados!)
Tomorrow I head to San Diego to visit mom - so although summer isn't totally here yet - I will enjoy the beach and sun earlier then my New England peeps!
We head out on a Catalina Island cruise on Monday!
I couldn't be more ready - I so need this vacation!
Calgon take me away!
(or in my case - Grey Goose!)


Walk in the Woods said...

Safe travels and have big, big FUN!!!!!

(my word verification is: snotte ... funny!)

Divaeva said...

*laughs* I get a kick out of my words too - we are so easily amused!