Friday, April 10, 2009

Just my luck . . .

Hooray - San Diego is finally getting lots of rain!
(1/10th of an inch - the strange folks here call that a lot!)
But it's still really cloudy and grey *sigh*
Yea great - fantastic that it is on my vacation?!?!
What happened to "sunny" California?!?
Something else that is amusing (or not)...
...It's 65 degrees outside and mom has the heat on!
Ah well, at least it was sunny and beautiful in Catalina and Mexico when we were there!
Can't share any pictures just yet - mom's computer is from the 70's !
I am lucky to even be able to get online!
I have no idea how my family can stand slow, laggy, old computers...
It makes me crazy to have to wait longer then 5 seconds for a page or a blog to load!
I am starting to miss the boys...and my DVR - can you imagin?
Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday - we are heading out for some authentic Mexican food *yum!*

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