Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Fool

The card for today:
The Fool: The Fool desires to achieve great things in life, but does not always anticipate the hard work required. Full of curiosity and searching for answers, the Fool symbolizes a new beginning and endless optimism. He must be careful in the decisions he makes, as his lack of experience is often a hindrance. While others may avoid taking on insurmountable odds, The Fool will attempt to accomplish near impossible goals with almost reckless abandon.
I am often called a fool for my desires...
and I seriously hate hard work!
Although -
if hard work is what it takes to get the final outcome I desire...
I am all for it!
I like my endless optimism -
although my bi-bolar moments lead me down that dark negative path quite often...
I do have some decisions that need to be made...
Oh the pain of being careful!
***on a side note***
I ask a favor from all my healing energy friends....
A very good friend, Tina
(I watched her grow into the most beautiful young woman and mother)
has a friend who is in intensive care with the swine flu.
Shannon can use all the healing energies we can send her way!

1 comment:

Walk in the Woods said...

I draw a card most every day and when I draw the fool it usually feels like a welcome homecoming - in many ways! And ... healing intentions have been brewing. Peace.