Saturday, September 26, 2009

I hate my thighs!

*laughs* that's right - I freaking hate them to death!
I suppose many women actually do...
I was driving to work today thinking -
Damn, if I could just cut them off...
or even just slice off the saddle bags...something! Anything!
I want them gone!
Then all of a sudden this guy in a wheel chair with no legs
came rocking around the corner
at 30 miles per hour...
up hill...
wheeling himself like there was no tomorrow
& singing to whatever he was listening with his headphones...
He looked so happy in the crisp fall air.
He looked content.
I was ashamed of my thoughts...
Which so often I am.
I now love my legs!
Thank you Goddess for making rethink
those thoughts this morning!
She certainly works in mysterious ways!


Tricia McWhorter said...

Very powerful post. File under "Be Careful What You Ask For" kind of post. I keep trying to go with the "Love the One You're With" theme—the one I'm with being "Me", and then coaxing myself toward new vistas, like the one with a flatter stomach. I'll let you know how it goes.

Rue said...

I can relate - I'm always surprised at how the universe throws me a message! Learn to love those thighs - and every other part. It's all you - and you rock!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I had just said to you that if I dieted enough to get rid of my fat legs there would be nothing left of my top half. What I didn't say is "but my legs work", something I've been saying all my life.

If you have ALL the Mommie Dearest genes you will eventually also have flabby arms, a turkey waddle, hair on your upper lip, and at 70 you will STILL look younger than all your friends.

Celebrate the good stuff and be thankful that the not so perfect stuff still works.


MarZel said...

I got my package...I just love the books...they are perfect!! THANK YOU!! Featuring you on my blog!! HUGS!!!