Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's officially Fall - Merry Mabon!

I spent the very last day of my busy, busy summer

with my beautiful sisters

& Ryan (but he counts as a sister!)


How freakin'cool is that?!

How perfect of a day do you think it was for someone who totally

adores, cherishes, worships...(I just love 'em - get it?!) Sunflowers!
I was surrounded - literally - it was paradise!
It was Summerland!
It was Avalon!
It was Heaven!
~ It was Effin' Awesome! ~

I am pretty sure I told every single one that I loved it
& it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!
...seriously - every one!

I took over 200 pictures - I ran out of room on my video card!
If they sold more cards in the middle of the maze for $60+ I would have paid!

I would post every single picture - I think I only deleted 5 or 6
because they may have been somewhat blurry.
(ok, one was of the lens cap
Marybeth asked where the frying pan came from in the maze...LOL - lens cap!,
another of my foot and another of the dirt)
I was a picture takin'fool!

This crazy old lady was on of my favs!
She was one of the biggest and the mostest beautiful!

(Just like me!)
The self control I had to endure on this day was amazing!

I wish I wore loser clothing, or pants with pockets...
Or didn't leave my back pack in the freakin'trunk!
I so could have smuggled out a few!



= Perfect.

So how was your last day of summer?

How was your Mabon?

I won a beautiful Godess from Nydia! Check out handsome Lucas picking me! *hugs Lucas*

Work was a little annoying - weigh in went bad w/Jenny (+ 2 pounds)

but I just remembered my beautiful sunny flowers, poured myself a cocktail &


Just like me! ;)


Tricia McWhorter said...

Oh my god, how FUN!!!!!!! I loved your pictures, your enthusiasm, your perfectly placed self love along with sunflower love. REALLY GREAT POST. And Happy Autumn.

Divaeva said...

Thanks Tricia - having some issues with "self love" & my diet - so trying to say it out loud more!

mrsb said...

Wow! Gorgeous!! And the sun flowers aren't bad, either!!

Krissy said...

That's too amazing!! I LOVE sunflowers! Oh! and a perfectly planned coincidence...the sunflower seeds you gave me? Well the first bud opened today!! It's beautiful and I couldn't be more excited about it! I can't wait to show you a picture of it!

Rue said...

What a wonderful way to spend the day - such beautiful photos! You and your sister are beauties too! Glad you spent your Mabon in such a fantastic way!

Anonymous said...

From Mommie Dearest:

Oh wow! Wish I was "in" on this family outing!!! Always grew sun flowers back in Oaklyn. Love them!
We you still living home when we all used to sit in front of the TV each with our own bowl of sun flower seeds ... cracking, peeling, and nibbling like a bunch of squirrels???

And not like we were eating sunflower seeds for humans.... used to scoop them out of the 100 pound sack of sunflower seeds for birds.