Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been a baaad girl...

I have been so bad with updating my blog...
...sorry about that!
I promise as soon as I get back from the
Forest Folk Harvest
I will be better!
Been running, running, running
since we got back from Cancun!
Feels like I live out of my car!
But on a good note...
I baked some slamming banana cupcakes
with honey frosting,
Pumpkin pesto pasta,
Pumpkin/Squash soup
(ok, Ry actually made the soup - but I am carving the pumpkin to serve it in!)
planning some bubblegum vodka beverages,
red headed sluts and more...
Plus more the "no mead limit" rule at the farm!
I need some rest & relaxation this weekend
& I am going to get it baby!!!
And before I leave -
Go check out Nydia's giveaway...
Her little goddess creation is adorable!
See you all on Sunday!


Aelwyn said...

Just letting you know I add your button to my Link Exchange widget. :)


I Am Very Mary said...

Red-headed sluts? AWE. SOME.