Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sheldon's First Playdate

Baby secrets...
This is Sheldon's new best friend Declan...
Declan even had a t-shirt gift for him...

See...I will hold a baby...
Declan is probably thinking -
"Oh no! the crazy lady with the skelton baby has me!"

Went to New Jersey for a funeral of an old family friend.
Sam Saldutti was the father of the three girls across the street from where we grew up.
We were all very close in age, went to the same church,
parents bowled, played cards and hung in the church beer garden together.
We use to go on trips to amusement parks and Mr Saldutti
would sit all us girls in the very back of his station wagon for the 2 hour trip to Dorney Park.
My sisters and I still hate station wagons to this day! *laughs*
It was a somber day - all the older gentlemen who were very good friends with my father & Sam kept telling me old golfing, hunting and fishing stories about how they loved my dad and how much they miss him. How he would get them to do things they would have never done - now I know where I get that trait! Made me miss my daddy!

Rest in peace Mr. Saldutti!


Diane said...

looks like a fine playdate! lol

sounds like a rough day. but, i hear a little more sweet than bitter in those bittersweet memories you talked about. :) {hugs}

Krissy said...

Love the picture of sheldon and the sweet little one sharing secrets!

mrsb said...

I love the pictures!

Did you get the email I sent (good gosh, did I send the email???). I got my package and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you got for me! Thank you so very much for thinking of me. Those were the awesomest!

Anonymous said...

From Mommie Dearest:
Now I wish I did fly back east even tho I'm not feeling all that well. Sam and Dad were the "Rube Goldfarb" twins when it came to fixing things. They are the pair who messed up the electrical system on the suburban. And all those "family" trips.. first Sam's station wagon then in the back of Dad's pick up truck. We were REEL ClASS! And the slide in camper....circa the Beverly Hillbillies. Great memories!