Sunday, January 18, 2009


Live. Life. Breathe. Relax.Made this for my mom. Pressed a leaf I collected, added some beautiful golden paint and a few handmade lavender beads.
Unfortunately she is battling hurthle cell cancer. Figures, it's one of the rarest cancers to detect and battle - us Firda's never do anything easy!
I am sure she would love all your healing engeries....
It made me think of her and life in CA - sadly no wonderful fall colors (paradise my ass mom!)
Hopefully it will remind her to breathe and relax!
I love you mom!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is "me", Mommie Dearest. Someday I'll retrieve my user name and password and THIS TIME write it down.

Thank you for the charm to calm me down. But then, this is something that naturally causes huge concern. Still, I have always considered myself a part of this universe, not an inhabitant of the earth. I have no doubts that if this does not turn out as a false alarm that no matter what happens I'll remain in this universe..... somewhere. To discover, to learn, to find all the answers to my questions. I love you.

Walk in the Woods said...

Eva - this is Wonderful. Everything about it - Wonderful.