Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday I spent far too much time being selfish - which lead me to be disappointed. My guy went out of town for 4 days for work - and I actually missed him! I say this because I thought I would never depend on anyone enough to "miss" them when they are gone. I keep myself busy with work - friends - life...I try not to get too attached. No idea where this came's weird - but then again I am faaaar from normal. But I found myself thinking about him alot when he was gone. Before I picked him up from the airport I had all sorts of ideas going through my head - you know - romance type things - candles, time alone watching the latest netflick, cuddling on the couch - all the mushy romantic things.... Instead he walked in the door and fell alseep on the couch within 5 minutes! Not even enough time to light a damn candle or put the movie in! So I was disappointed - to say the least. After thinking about it...I realized how selfish and silly I was feeling... he was tired and in a Dramine induced state and truely tired. To top it off he made up for it today - he went shopping with me - he seriously hates shopping! He also went to 3 different Bicycle shops while I searched for the perfect pair of spinning shoes (which I have yet to $#@& find!?!). He didn't complain once! He actually wanted to spend time with me!
He is awesome! He is truely amazing!
Watch and enjoy - dance and be happy - life is far too short to be "disappointed" over stupid shit! Hug your significant other and tell them they are AMAZING! *hugs*


Walk in the Woods said...

Thanks Eva. The Boy is hugged and .. you know ... you're pretty amazing too! ((hugs))

i am very mary said...

I needed that today:)