Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just another Diva Saturday Night...

Ah yes - bored on a Saturday?
... then run to Macy's and get your make-up done at the Mac counter.
Hector did a fabulous job with me - I asked for dramatic and it's perfect!
Check it out...Aren't I pretty? *laughs*
*laughs* please note for the record - I am the only Firda sister who has never died her hair and I am ebracing my greys!

This is my beautiful baby sister looking all fabulous!
Look at Rosa looking all glamorous!
*laughs* the mirror looks like a true diva headpiece...
*cue virginal music now*
hmmm - I think Ryan is trying to tell me something in this picture!
Not very nice Ryan!

1 comment:

Walk in the Woods said...

You're all gorgeous!

You all are gonna have to teach me some glam!