Saturday, January 24, 2009

It was a good day!

Today was a day of learning. A day of relaxing, destressing and pampering - today was all about me! (...yes, even more so then my usual day ;p) We took a ride to Winstead, CT to attend a pampering workshop with a beautiful goddess. I love the ride to Winstead - lots of beautiful old homes to drool over...lots of old shops and new shops...lots of trees and snow...just a nice relaxing drive. It seems every time I go to Winstead - I come home relaxed and inspired - today was no different!
I had a fabulous morning sipping tea with some new friends, as well as some old. I learned all sorts of ways to pamper and improve myself. I can't wait to go "sacred shopping" and pick up some of the supplies I will need and put to use what I have learned! *ahhhh* It was a wonderful day!
Sure, I would have loved to have my very own cabana boy massage my kinks, feed me grapes and cater to my every whim...but I gave him the afternoon off! So instead I melted into my smushie couch cuddling in my down comforter, enjoyed another cup of hot herbal tea and read the next few chapters of The Inner Temple.

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annie kelleher said...

it sounds like a totally heavenly day and i know rose's workshop is wonderful!!!! i love her stuff... thats why im including some in my superawesome giveaway!!!