Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Yumminess!

Let the pork yumminess begin...
Ta da!

We tried a new pork recipe I found on Epicurious and it was amazing...we kinda improvised and made it even better with apple and pear stuffing and a lingonberry preserves (a fantastic IKEA product) and brandy glaze. The potatoes are a specialty of my little sis - even though she couldn't make it here until New Years - she was here in spirit (we called her for the recipe) mom wanted "Beth's taters" *laughs* The stuffing was so yummiliscious!
Ryan and I sooo need our own cooking show!

To top off this fantastic meal - Ryan's most delicious blueberry honey mead!
We ate like kings and queens!


Jinxed said...

OMG - you ate at the table! I'm jealous that I wasn't there for what had to be the first meal at the dining table. :P

Walk in the Woods said...

A cooking show? That's what YouTube is for!!! I'd soooooooo subscribe!!!!