Monday, December 22, 2008


The preparation for the 9 days visit of Mommie Dearest has begun. *hides the wire hangers* Although I am certain I inherited my pack-rat-iveness from Mommie Dearest - I still feel the need to straighten up so she at least has a place to sit and sleep. I have purchased a ceramic electric heater, electric blanket, 2 down conforters and stock piled several other blankets - everything but melt the snow from around the perimeter of the house - and I am sure Mommie Dearest will still be cold! This confuses me - I grew up in Jersey, not California - I am pretty sure it was cold at times when I was younger! I can recall putting Wonder Bread bags over my socks before I put my boots on to keep my feet dry! *embarrassing school coat room moments*
I have her suggested shopping list: Non-fat milk, coffee (must be half regular and half decaf - definitely nothing flavored!), bologna, american cheese and whole wheat wraps *laughs* and hard boiled eggs! (hmmm... a new holiday craft - Yulemas egg decorating anyone?)
I want to share a song that brought a tear to my eye today - although I have heard it several hundered times - it is on one of my favorite Holiday CD's by the DevineMissM *love her*
Ok - dry your eyes - here's another to cheer you up from the same CD - Mele Kalikimaka!
Bette is my idol! Totally fell in love with her watching her live concerts or TV shows when I was younger with Mommie Dearest! *was kidding about the hangers!*
Here's another great video from Bette - Hawiian Oklahoma from a NBC 1977 TV special
Ok...I suppose I better get back to dusting and scrubbing and find my bikini *laughs* (now there's a holiday visual!) I am sure it will be a sauna in here starting tomorrow night - I pick her up at the airport at midnight!
*warm winter bear hugs*

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