Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snot and Tissue

*sniff, snort, cough!* I seriously hate being sick! I am probably the biggest baby too when I am sick - I keep telling the boys that this is the worst cold anyone has ever had - yet I get no sympathy for them at all! See what happens when I travel and forget my Zicam - now I have a full fledge cold! *sniff, snort!*

Going to drag my snotty self to shower, possibly venture out and pay rent and then read my chapter for Christopher's Witchcraft I class - oooo and create a special package for a friend who says she fails to have the holiday spirit - that always cheers me up!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic, snottless weekend! *hugs*

1 comment:

Walk in the Woods said...

Sorry to hear about your snottiness. I send you verve of love and healing ... and yes, I had a fantastic and snottless weekend!